Three Koryo Medical Books

Pyongyang, April 26 (KCNA) — Hyangyakjibsongbang (a medical encyclopedia), Uibangryuchi and Tonguibogam (the complete collection of traditional Korean medicine) are famous medical classics of Korea.

Hyangyakjibsongbang, which consists of 85 volumes, was published in 1433 by Ro Jung Rye and others. Compiled in the book is experience in treating diseases with traditional medicines.

It gives 10,700 prescriptions and 1,476 methods of acupuncture and moxibustion for 959 kinds of diseases in a systematic way — introduction, causes, pathology, symptoms, and acupuncture and moxibustion methods for each disease. It also writes about production places, features and efficacy, collecting methods and indication of nearly 700 kinds of medicinal materials in Korea.

Uibangryuchi, published in 1445, is a medical encyclopedia which is made up of 365 volumes.

It, divided into basic theories on 95 diseases, gives cause, pathology, symptoms, medicinal, acupuncture and moxibustion methods, dietary cure, preventive and folk treatment methods for each disease. It is the largest of the three famous medical encyclopedias in the east. It was published 300 years earlier than the “Medical Science and Surgical Dictionary” (seven volumes) which was published in Spain in 1807.

Tonguibogam (25 volumes) was compiled by Ho Jun in 1610.

It, with five parts, writes about the anatomy and physiology of human body, medical diagnosis, prevention and treatment methods for diseases.

It explains about healthy human body, too, in an anatomical way unlike other books of Koryo medicine which deal with causes and treatment of diseases only.

It also comprehensively introduces the medicinal, acupuncture and moxibustion treatment methods for each disease. Along with remedies, it directs deep attention to the prevention of each disease. After it was introduced in China and Japan, it was reprinted several times.

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