U.S. Double-dealing Tactics under Fire

Pyongyang, April 27 (KCNA) — The U.S. imperialists are resorting to sinister and crafty acts, pursuing a carrot-and-stick policy in their aggression on and pillage in other countries. Carrot and stick are their hackneyed means of aggression. Rodong Sinmun says this in an article Wednesday.

Noting that the U.S., which held its head too high, pursuing unilateralism and arbitrariness in the international arena, is resorting to ever craftier double-dealing tactics, finding itself “a general without an army” forsaken by its allies, the author of the article goes on:

The U.S. has clung to the double-dealing policy of carrot and stick down through history.

The U.S. outwardly cries out for “respect” and “friendship” between countries, but viciously seeks behind the scene aggression, military intervention and subversive acts against others. And, while advocating “cooperation” and “aid,” it actually exploits them as the means of subjugating other countries politically and economically.

On the other hand, the U.S. has employed the stick tactics to win some Southeast Asian countries over to its side.

The U.S. tenaciously resorted to the double-dealing tactics toward the former Soviet Union, the first socialist state.

Its stick did not work when the former Soviet Union stood firm against it. But, when renegades of socialism came to power there and made one concession after another, the U.S. resorted to the carrot tactics to drive it to collapse.

The Iraqi situation shows more clearly what a miserable lot one meets if one backs down and yields to imperialism.

Today the U.S. is pressuring Iran over the “nuclear issue” and even scheming a military attack aimed at a change of power after labeling it as part of the “axis of evil” and an “outpost of tyranny.”

One must stand firm against the U.S. stick tactics and be on the alert against the carrot tactics, not tempted by it Some countries in Africa which had once taken a stiff stand toward the U.S. are now succumbing to it, wanting its aid, discouraged by its invasion and occupation of Iraq. They, however, lament belatedly that they were duped by the U.S. promise of “aid.”

The world progressive countries and people should frustrate the U.S. imperialists’ crafty and vicious double-dealing tactics of carrot and stick, seeing through their hypocritical and aggressive nature.

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