Immediate Halt to Discrimination against Korean Students in Japan Demanded

Pyongyang, April 28 (KCNA) — Delegates of non-governmental organizations during the discussion on the 13th item (rights of children) of the 61st meeting of the U.N. Commission on Human Rights on April 11 referred to the issues of assaults against Korean students in Japan and the education in the distorted history.

A delegate of the Japan Human Rights Committee of Workers said that many cases of assaults against Korean students, descendants of the Korean victims of Japan’s colonial rule, are now reported in Japan, adding that there took place at least 400 cases of threatening the lives of Koreans including those of tearing to pieces Korean school girls’ chima and Jogori (traditional Korean jacket and long skirt) with knives.

It is quite intolerable that innocent Korean students are exposed to assaults irrespective of what has happened in the political relations between the DPRK and Japan, the speaker stated, requesting the commission to urge the Japanese government to immediately stop all forms of discrimination against the Korean students in Japan.
A delegate of the Asia-Japan Women’s Volunteers’ Centre charged that the Japanese government has not only hidden a lot of documents on the Second World War but connived at and supported the education of the rising generations aimed at barring them from knowing about historical facts about the war of aggression in the past such as the sexual slavery for the imperial army.

The speaker queried how can the young Japanese do their bit since they have been educated in the distorted history and is it not the practice of depriving them of the rights to know about truth and live in peace with the neighboring countries.

If Japan wishes to be part of the international community, it should properly approach its past wrongs and apologize for them, she held, asking the commission to urge the Japanese government to stop the acts of preventing the youngsters from knowing about truth and follow the example of other countries.

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