Japan’s Invariable Ambition for Reinvasion under Fire

Pyongyang, April 30 (KCNA) — Rodong Sinmun Saturday in a signed commentary brands the Japanese reactionaries’ distortion of Japan’s history as moves for ideological and moral agitation aimed at militarizing and fascistizing the Japanese society and a revelation of their ambition for reinvasion.

Denouncing Abe, acting secretary general of the Liberal Democratic Party of Japan, for taking the lead in the persistent moves of the Japanese right-wing conservatives to tamper with its history and grab Tok Islet, the commentary notes: As if it were not enough with having let loose a spate of reckless remarks beautifying and praising the crimes of the Japanese imperialists, Abe groundlessly charged that Asians’ daily-mounting protest and denunciation of Japan over the issue of the history textbooks is an “interference in its internal affairs.”

The Japanese reactionaries have stubbornly negated, distorted and praised the crimes committed by Japan against Korea and other Asian countries in the past as they are nostalgic for the bygone days of militarism and seized by the ambition to reinvade Asia.
Through the above-said agitation the Japanese right-wing conservatives seek to arm the rising generation of Japan with the aggressive idea and drive them to militarism, fascistization and reinvasion.

It is written in the new history textbooks that Tok Islet belongs to the “Japanese territory.” This is a shameless distortion of history and little short of grabbing it. The Japanese reactionaries are now claiming that they have “no idea of making any more concession” as regards the issue of the islet but should “defend it to the end.”

Through their moves to seize the islet the Japanese right-wing conservatives seek to spark a territorial dispute and complicate the regional situation in a bid to invent a pretext for reinvasion.
In the past the Japanese imperialists ran amuck for war of aggression only to suffer a defeat. If the Japanese reactionaries opt for repeating the crime-woven past, instead of drawing a lesson from its past defeat, they will certainly go to ruin again.

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