Endorsement of Distorted History Textbook in Japan Lambasted

Pyongyang, May 3 (KCNA) — The Japanese Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology on April 25 passed the history textbook for middle schoolers made by the Society for History Textbook Reform, an ultra-right conservative organization.

Noting that the history textbook is full of lavishing praises on and beautification of the crimes committed by Japan in Asian countries in the past, a Minju Joson analyst Tuesday says:

With regard to Korea, for example, the textbook distorts the Japanese imperialists’ military aggression and colonial rule over it as “Japan’s march into the Korean Peninsula for self-defense”, while beautifying them as something “helpful to the modernization of Korea.”

And it must not go unnoticed that such extra-large anti-human crimes committed by Japan as the forcible drafting of Koreans and the sex slavery for the imperial Japanese army are completely struck out from the textbook and Tok Islet, an inviolable part of the Korean territory, is described as “part of Japan’s territory.”

The present behavior of Japan related to the issue of history obviously indicates that Japan is longing for its past appearance and taking great pains to go back to those days.
How a country approaches history is a touchstone suggesting the orientation of its political development. Take Germany for example. It has honestly reflected on history and shown zeal in settling its past crimes, thus winning the confidence of the international community.

But Japan has taken a road quite contrary to this.

The intention and reactionary scheme behind the distortion of history make the international community draw without difficulty the conclusion that Japan is pursuing a war, not peace.

It is the present look of Japan that the whole state is rapidly stepping into militarism, fascism and rightist reaction for a war.

This must be checked at any cost as it is a very dangerous development from the viewpoint of peace in Asia and the rest of the world.

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