Press Conference Held at Russian Embassy

Pyongyang, May 5 (KCNA) — A press conference was held at the Russian embassy here Wednesday on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the victory of Russia in the Great Patriotic War.

Present there were mediapersons here.

Staff members of the Russian embassy were on hand.

Russian Ambassador Andrei Karlov in a speech said that the Soviet army and people displayed popular heroism and patriotism in the Great Patriotic War, dealing a heavy blow at the fascist German aggressors and honorably defending the country. He referred to the factor and significance of their victory in the war.

He pointed to the celebrations to be held in Moscow to mark the 60th anniversary of the victory in the war.

Medals commemorating the 60th anniversary of the victory of Russia in the Great Patriotic War were awarded to Kim Jong Il, chairman of the National Defence Commission of the DPRK, and anti-Japanese revolutionary fighters of Korea, he said, and went on: This is an expression of thanks to the fighters who waged a valiant struggle for the happiness of the people and proves the solid and traditional relations of friendship between the Russian and Korean peoples.

Questions put by reporters were answered at the press conference.

Prior to it, the participants went round pictures displayed on this occasion.

Image credit: https://www.flickr.com/photos/rnw/3485343909/

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