FIFA Disciplinary Committee’s Unreasonable “Decision” Refuted

Pyongyang, May 6 (KCNA) — Cheyuk Sinmun (sports newspaper) of the DPRK Friday in a commentary termed the “decision” taken by the Disciplinary Committee of the FIFA against the behaviors of Korean spectators an unreasonable one.

The commentary says:
Recently the committee took a disciplinary step against behaviors of spectators after the matches between the DPRK team and the Bahraini team and between the DPRK team and the Iranian team.

The “decision” calls for holding the match between the DPRK team and the Japanese team in a stadium without spectators in a third country, instead of having it in Pyongyang on June 8 as scheduled, and imposing a fine upon the DPRK team.

The disciplinary measure taken by the FIFA Disciplinary Committee against the behaviors of spectators after painting them as a “disturbance” and considering it as an established fact is lashing the Korean people into great fury because they deem the national dignity as their life and soul.

It was a prejudice that the FIFA Disciplinary Committee “branded” the just actions of spectators as a “disturbance” or “commotion”. The DPRK Football Association in a statement of its spokesman protested against the unreasonable behavior of the referees, sent video tapes on which the unfair refereeing is recorded to the FIFA Disciplinary Committee and its members received and watched them. And the committee exceptionally invited a DPRK delegation to hear from it the principled request for dealing with the unreasonable behavior of the referees. The committee, however, turned it down and adopted such a harsh “decision” against the DPRK team.

The soccer history does not record such awfully unfair refereeing as what happened during the matches held here.

If the FIFA Disciplinary Committee allows such partial refereeing to go on, this will cast a darker shadow on the development of the world soccer in the future.

The committee should sternly punish those who partially refereed the matches and apply sanctions against them.
The committee has left a blot on its history by taking such an unjust “decision” against the DPRK team which took just actions while respecting rules concerning discipline instituted by the FIFA.

What should not be overlooked is that the committee could not properly fulfill its duty because it more attentively listened to an “advice” made by Japan. This is the comment of the world public.

No sooner had the committee made the unreasonable decision than Japan proposed to have Malaysia as the venue of match before any other country. It is the ulterior motive of Japan to trounce the DPRK team by creating a favorable environment for it come what may. Japan is running so wild to achieve its aim, unaware that it has become a laughing-stock of the world.

If it is true that the dignified FIFA Disciplinary Committee accepted Japan’s “advice,” it would be an irretrievable historic mistake committed by it.

It is our hope that the FIFA Disciplinary Committee will reexamine the issues related to the above-mentioned case and make a wise judgment for the sake of its authority, the development of football and the future of the FIFA.

We will closely follow the future attitude of the FIFA Disciplinary Committee.

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