LDP Heavyweight’s Remarks Assailed

Pyongyang, May 7 (KCNA) — Recently Abe, acting secretary general of Japan’s Liberal Democratic Party, said that it is a bounden duty of a state leader to express respects to those who laid down their lives for the country and any protest against the visit to the “Yasukuni Shrine” is an interference in other’s internal affairs.

In this regard, Rodong Sinmun today carries a signed commentary which says:

Some time ago, 80 dietmen of Japan visited the shrine en masse and Abe officially defended the visit. This is little short of openly agitating militarist reinvasion, a call made on Japan to take the road of overseas aggression to conquer the world by repeating its past history.

It is by no means an issue confined to Japan but a very sensitive and serious political matter related to the unpleasant past and the present of the Asians.

Whether to visit the shrine or not is a criterion that tells whether Japan is ready to break with its militarist past and turn to peace or repeat militarist aggression.

The Asians’ protest against the visit to the shrine by the Japanese reactionaries is for peace and security. If any visit to the shrine, a centre for fanning up militarism and the ambition for overseas aggression, is allowed in Japan, the militarist fever will no doubt get overheated and then lead to a war of aggression for overseas expansion.

The Japanese reactionaries’ assertion that Asians’ just demand for a halt to the visit is “interference in internal affairs” is nothing but rhetoric intended to justify the visit, cement the militarist ideological base in Japanese society and repeat its past history.

Only doom is in store for those who call the departed soul of the militarists in the 21st century.

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