S. Korean Top Diplomat’s Anti-North Outcries Flailed

Pyongyang, May 7 (KCNA) — It is an undeniable reality and publicly recognized fact that the U.S. attempt at invading the north is frustrated, peace and security are ensured on the Korean Peninsula and the destiny of the Korean nation is protected by the powerful nuclear deterrent of the DPRK.

A spokesman for the Committee for the Peaceful Reunification of the Fatherland said this in an answer given to a question put by KCNA on Friday denouncing the “minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade” of south Korea for making impudent remarks seriously getting on the nerves of the north.

On May 4 the minister let loose a string of reckless remarks calling for the north’s “return to the six-party talks” and on April 25 he pulled up the north over its step to increase the nuclear deterrent, the spokesman said, and went on:

It was beyond doubt that the top diplomat of south Korea echoed what Americans uttered.

It is needless to say that but for the DPRK’s nuclear treasured sword, the U.S. would have ignited a war on the Korean Peninsula more than a hundred times and south Korea, too, would have not gone safe.

Now that south Korea, in actuality, has benefited from the Songun policy and nuclear umbrella of the north, the former should have condemned the U.S. moves to impose war disasters upon the Korean nation.

But south Korea is pulling up the north over its just nuclear deterrent, shutting its eyes to the U.S. moves. This is a challenge to justice and a mockery of the dignity of the nation.

It is the U.S., not the DPRK, that stands isolated and rejected by the international community owing to its blatant aggression and war moves. The south Korean top diplomat would be well advised to face up to the reality with reason.

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