KPA Navy Command Denounces S. Korean Forces’ Military Provocations

Pyongyang, May 11 (KCNA) — The Navy Command of the Korean People’s Army in a press release Wednesday denounced the south Korean forces for their recent military provocations in the West Sea of Korea.

The press release said: These days the military provocations of the south Korean forces have become pronounced in the West Sea of Korea.

Since the outset of May the south Korean military authorities have illegally infiltrated their warships into the waters of the north side five or six times a day.

They keep infiltrating their warships into the controversial waters during the blue crab catching season, a season that had already witnessed two “skirmishes in the West Sea.” This is a very dangerous action which may spark a fresh naval skirmish.

This is a wanton violation of the agreement adopted at the north-south general-level military talks held about this time last year to prevent military conflict in the West Sea.
If they truly wish to implement the agreed points of the north-south agreement, they should not try to justify their intrusion under the absurd pretext but take practical measures to stop it.

This is the only way to prevent the third “skirmish in the West Sea.”

Image credit: https://www.flickr.com/photos/htsh_kkch/1269755311/

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