Maintenance of Principle of National Independence Urged

Pyongyang, May 13 (KCNA) — All the fellow countrymen should hold higher

the banner of national independence, if they are to tide over the present grave situation on the Korean
Peninsula and pave the way out for the nation, says Rodong Sinmun in a signed article Friday.
Noting that national independence is the fundamental guarantee for the Koreans to reject outsiders’
aggression and interference, defend the country’s peace and security and lead the cause of national
reunification all along to victory, the article says a tight hold should be consistently kept on the principle
of national independence.

The article goes on:

To abide by the principle of national independence is the intrinsic demand in shaping the destiny of the
nation and the basic principle coinciding with the right to self-determination of the nation.

If a nation loses independence and fails to free itself from outside forces’ domination and subjugation,
it will find its rights and interests trampled underfoot and, in the end, be sure to meet the destiny of a ruined
nation. The principle of national independence is, indeed, the key to the solution of the national problem.

The Korean nation’s cause of reunification to rejoin the blood veins of the divided nation and achieve national
cohesion is a matter of the Korean nation itself and a matter of the national sovereignty both in name and
reality. The Korean nation can defend the country’s peace and propel the cause of reunification only when
it holds fast to the principle of national independence not allowing aggression and interference of any outsider
and exercises its independent rights.

The principle of national independence is the indispensable prerequisite to building up the driving force of the

The driving force of the country’s reunification is none other than the whole Korean nation in the north,
the south and overseas and its might is immediately the might of its unity.

The ideological banner for strengthening the unity of the internal patriotic forces for reunification is national
independence. It is the mental source which helps display the inexhaustible strength of the Korean nation.

Under the obtaining situation in which the U.S. imperialists are past control in their criminal moves for
aggression and war against the DPRK and their interference in Korea’s reunification, it is the supreme task no
one can shun to hold fast to the principle of national independence and fight in close unity under the banner of
patriotism and national reunification.

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