Young International Piano Concours Winner Produced by DPRK

Pyongyang, May 13 (KCNA) — DPRK student Yun Jin Bok studying at Moscow

State Conservatory Named after Tchaikovsky placed first at the recent “Art of the 21st Century” international concours (piano) held in Kiev, Ukraine that drew top class pianists of the world.
Her remarkable talent for music was not a basic factor of her success.

Leader Kim Jong Il took benevolent measures to train her into a world-famous pianist.

So she could rose to such fame thanks to her persevering efforts to repay his loving care without fail.

Her maternal grandfather Ko Chan Bo was a patriot who fell in the sacred war for the country’s reunification.
Accordingly, he was posthumously awarded the title of Hero of the Republic and the National Reunification Prize.

Her parents brought up their daughters to be musicians, prompted by their desire to bring great pleasure to Kim Jong Il who has inspired them to steadfastly carry forward the tradition of patriotism and loyalty.
Born as the youngest daughter of the family, she was very sensitive to music from her early years.

She received education in music as early as from her kindergarten days in the country which values even
a small sprout of talent and brings it into full bloom. She received systematic education, going through the
faculty for preliminary education at Pyongyang University of Music and Dance, its specialized course,
university faculty and doctoral institute.

She is calm and sentimental in her character, but has an exceptional passion for music.

Her heart was always afire with the ardent enthusiasm to live in such a way as to honor the noble feats performed by her maternal grandfather and other fighters of the People’s Army in the hard-fought battles during the Fatherland Liberation War.

That was why she often played the piano concerto “To the Road of Decisive Battle” before the audience to express her feelings.

Later, she came to have the chance to study at Moscow State Conservatory Named after Tchaikovsky.
Proud of being a daughter of Songun Korea, she did her best to put her artistic skill on such a high level in those days that she could make her debut in the international concours.

She successfully presented “Arirang” to the high acclaim of the audience.

Her presentation truthfully represented her boundless reverence for President Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il who put an end to the distress-torn national history and opened up a new history of the Arirang nation. Theaudience was esmerized by her fascinating and admirable play as it led them to a beautiful world of music The concours jury decided to award the certificate of the winner to her who was enthusiastically applauded by the whole audience.

She sent a letter of thanks to Kim Jong Il, tears of motion rolling down her cheeks.

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