Full Play to Compatriotism Called for

Pyongyang, May 15 (KCNA) — The compatriots in the north and the south should not stand against each other but get reconciled and united to open up a bright future of a reunified nation.

They should give full play to genuine compatriotism. Rodong Sinmun Sunday urges this in a signed article.
It goes on:

The landmark successes achieved in the development of the inter-Korean relations and the movement for national reunification since the publication of the June 15 joint declaration clearly testify to the great value and vitality of the true conception of compatriots and genuine compatriotism the declaration instilled into the Koreans.

Though the north and the south differ from each other in ideology and system and are in the confrontational relationship,they are the two parts of the same country where the Koreans of the same blood live. The compatriots are required to hold each other dear and cooperate with each other, not with outsiders, and approach the nation’s destiny from a national view and attitude, not in the light of ideology. This alone can be viewed as a behavior based on genuine compatriotism.

The Korean nation clearly sees the U.S. and the Japanese reactionaries acting in disgusting conspiracy and collusion to unhesitatingly hamstring the process of reconciliation and reunification, in which the Koreans are commonly interested, in a bid to achieve their goal of aggression.

The Japanese reactionaries are stepping up their moves to stage a comeback to Korea, keeping pace with the maneuvers of their American master to block Korea’s reunification and launch aggression. They negate Japan’s past history of aggression of Korea, refuse to make any apology and compensation for their colonial rule over it and work hard to grab Tok Islet.

All these moves are supported by the U.S.

This reality sounds an alarm for the Koreans. Now that the outsiders are becoming evermore undisguised in their conspiracy and collusion, the Koreans in the north and the south are urgently required to be on high alert.

The evermore frantic moves of the outsiders to block Korea’s reunification and launch aggression require all Koreans in the north and the south to fully display genuine compatriotism from the national stand and thus steadily and dynamically advance the era of reunification brought about by the joint declaration.

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