Telephone Message to South Side

Pyongyang, May 14 (KCNA) — Senior Councillor of the Cabinet Kwon Ho Ung who is heading the north’s side delegation to the North-South Ministerial Talks today sent a telephone message to

“Minister of Unification” of south Korea Jong Tong Yong who is chief delegate of the south side’s delegation in connection with the dispatch of its delegates to the working talks between the north-south authorities.
Noting that the fifth anniversary of the historic June 15 North-South Joint Declaration is drawing near, the message said:

To our regret, the relations between the authorities of the north and the south have not yet departed from confrontation contrary to the basic spirit of the joint declaration.

This greatly disappoints all the fellow countrymen.

Both sides should remain true to the idea of by our nation itself, the basic spirit of the joint declaration, under any circumstances.

Proceeding from this, we have the pleasure to notify you that we will send three delegates and three suite members to Kaesong from May 16 to 17 for the working-level talks between the authorities of the north and the south, prompted by the desire to put the inter-Korean relations on a normal track in the idea of by our nation itself at an early date.

We deem it advisable to discuss and decide on specific technical issues related to the talks through the contact between liaison representatives in Panmunjom.

Looking forward to a positive response from your side.

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