U. S. Accused of Its Double Standards

Pyongyang, May 18 (KCNA) — It was disclosed by words of a senior official of the U.S. government that the United States has a “plan” for limiting the right to uranium enrichment to Japan and four other non-nuclear states and allowing only Japan to conduct reprocessing aimed at extracting plutonium from spent nuclear fuel, according to a recent report of the Japanese paper Asahi Shimbun.

In this regard Rodong Sinmun Wednesday says in a signed commentary:

This has once again brought to light the brazen-faced nature of the U.S. unjust double standards concerning its nuclear policy.

The U.S.-proposed “plan” is, in essence, a self-righteous move to deprive non-nuclear states of their rights to use nuclear energy for peaceful purposes.
The United States has connived at and encouraged its allies in their development of nuclear weapons in violation of the principle of impartiality in international relations. Japan’s moves for nuclear weaponization have reached a very grave phase due to the U.S. connivance and patronage. Japan is keen to secure at least 15,000 tons of plutonium by carrying out its plan for massive reprocessing of plutonium. Had the U.S. been fair in its stance, it would have called Japan’s nuclear ambition to task.

The U.S. is, however, fanning up Japan’s nuclear weaponization. Its “plan” is designed to justify Japan’s moves to go nuclear and encourage them.
The U.S. is pulling up those countries which incur its displeasure merely because of their differing ideologies and social systems. It is working hard to stop them from conducting even nuclear activities for peaceful purposes under the pretext of groundless “information” faked up by it against them.

Meanwhile, it is transferring nuclear technology to pro-U.S. and allied forces and conniving at and supporting their development and access to nuclear weapons. This is a clear proof of the biased and unreasonable nature of the U.S. policy of applying double standards.

If the U.S. is truly concerned for the nuclear non-proliferation, it should abandon its unjust double standards over the nuclear issue.

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