Flames of Kwangju Resistance Must Be Kept Raging: Rodong Sinmun

Pyongyang, May 19 (KCNA) — The flames of the Kwangju resistance in south Korea must be kept raging. The desire of the resistance fighters can be realized only by bringing earlier the reunification of the country through three forms of cooperation: cooperation for national independence, peace against war and reunification and patriotism.

Rodong Sinmun Thursday says this in an article dedicated to the 25th anniversary of the heroic Kwangju Popular Uprising. The author of the article continues:

The Kwangju resistants shed blood of patriotism while waging the anti-U.S., anti-fascist struggle with arms in their hands to bring a new society free
from outside forces and fascism, but their desire remains unrealized.

They, urged by earnest desire for a reunified new land, independent and democratic, shed their blood to put the seal of finality on the anti-popular, anti-national state of affairs, but the reality is still grim.

The U.S. put down the Kwangju resistance of justice by force of arms in a bid to turn south Korea into its “quiet backyard” without resistance. And it
has maintained its colonial rule over south Korea until now, lording it over there as the dominator, and, furthermore, desperately challenged the reunification cause of the Korean nation.

The reality clearly proves that the U.S. is the heinous aggressor and the sworn enemy of the Korean nation, which is seeking its own interests at the
cost of the sacrifice of the Korean nation and, unless an end is put to the U.S. policy of military occupation of south Korea, unthinkable are peace on
the Korean Peninsula, security of the Korean nation and the reunification of the country.

The progress of the south Korean society, peace of the country and national reunification must be moved up by struggle. With the U.S. imperialist aggressors left alone in this land, it is utterly impossible for the south Korean people to settle the bitter grudges of Kwangju or remove the danger of war from the Korean Peninsula or achieve national reunification.

To fight the U.S. is the only way out. This is the bitter lesson drawn from the Kwangju Popular Uprising.

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