Rodong Sinmun on Single-Minded Unity

Pyongyang, May 19 (KCNA) — The single-minded unity serves as a weapon for the Korean revolution more powerful than any nuclear weapon and the whole party and army and all the people are sure to triumph in the general march of the Songun revolution as they are single-mindedly united around the headquarters of the revolution. Rodong Sinmun Thursday observes this in a signed article.

It says:

The single-minded unity is a mainstay of the revolution and serves as a powerful weapon for accomplishing the socialist cause. Unity has always served as a source of strength to win victory at every stage of the revolutionary development.

It has served as powerful weapon to thoroughly implement the line and policies of the Workers’ Party of Korea despite any ordeal and adversity and bring about a great surge in building a great prosperous powerful nation. It also serves as an engine for working fresh miracles and innovations by displaying popular heroism and the revolutionary spirit of self-reliance.

The single-minded unity is an ideological and moral source encouraging all the people to energetically turn out in the drive to build a rich and powerful country full of conviction of victory of socialism and optimism.

The article calls on the officials and other party members and working people to dynamically accelerate the general march of the Songun revolution by dint of the single-minded unity under the Songun leadership of Kim Jong Il and thus glorify the 60th anniversaries of the WPK and the liberation of Korea as grand festivals of victors.

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