World Will Judge Nuclear Criminal

Pyongyang, May 23 (KCNA) — Delegates of non-nuclear states to the NPT Review Conference in New York noted that the treaty is gradually being reduced to a dead letter and the responsibility for this rests with the United States which intentionally neglects the fulfillment of its commitments to the treaty and threatens world peace and security with undisguised nuclear blackmail.

Noting that delegates of non-governmental organizations of various countries to the conference demanded the United States be sharply called in question for applying double standards in implementing the NPT, Rodong Sinmun today in a commentary says:

Former chief of the UN weapon inspection team in Iraq Blix said the U.S. itself did not seriously approach the provisions of the NPT but breached them, and expressed concern, saying he felt the structure of the international community pulled down by this.

Ex-President of the United States Carter singled out the U.S. as the principal criminal in the collapse of the NPT and criticized it as one chiefly to blame for the crisis of the NPT going to pieces.

The sinister scheme of the U.S. to turn the conference into a rally against the DPRK and Iran has proved futile.

A serious view must be taken of the U.S. policy of double standards in the nuclear issue. Japan has stockpiled plutonium enough to make 4,000 nuclear weapons with the patronage and connivance of the U.S. Israel has made more than 200 nuclear weapons by hastening its nuclear armament in secrecy with the patronage, connivance and cooperation of the U.S. If the U.S. had a fair stand, it should have called in question the nuclear armament of Japan and Israel.

It is self-evident that the U.S. application of double standards makes it impossible to correctly implement the NPT and impartially settle the nuclear issue. If the U.S. continues to apply double standards, the NPT will be reduced to a square peg in a round hole.
The day will surely come when the world will judge the U.S., the most dangerous nuclear criminal.

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