Prompt Withdrawal of Missile Deployment Plan Demanded

Pyongyang, May 25 (KCNA) — The All-citizens Measure Committee for the Withdrawal of the Plan for the Deployment of Patriot Missiles and Building of a Citizens Park on Munhak Hill consisting of 43 civic and social organizations in Inchon, south Korea, reportedly held a rally at the entrance of the hill on May 20.

Drawing attention to the scheme of the south Korean “Defence Ministry” to deploy Patriot missiles on Munhak Hill as part of the project of the introduction of guided weapons of the next generation, Kim Il Hoe, permanent representative of the measure committee, and other speakers called on the Inchon citizens to frustrate it at any cost.

A statement was made pubic at the rally.

The statement said the project was obviously sympathetic to the U.S. scheme to establish a missile defense system.

Warning that it would squander the taxes paid by the sweat of the people’s brow and harm peace on the Korean Peninsula and the rest of Northeast Asia, the statement strongly demanded the “Defence Ministry” immediately stop the introduction of weapons for war and retract at once the plan to deploy Patriot missiles on Munhak Hill.

Image credit: https://www.flickr.com/photos/sheridansofasia/6043375115/

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