North-South Joint Prayers Held

Pyongyang, May 27 (KCNA) — “North-south joint prayers for the implementation of the June 15 joint declaration and peaceful reunification” were given at Mt. Kumgang resort on May 24 to mark the 5th anniversary of the June 15 North-South Joint Declaration.

Present there from the north side were Kang Yong Sop, chairman of the Korean Christian Federation, its office bearers and Christians of the Pongsu Church and from the south side at least 200 including Sin Kyong Ha, chairman of the (south) Korean National Council of Christian Churches, and its office bearers and Christians.
An opening address and prayers were followed by speeches.

Speakers mentioned the historic significance of the June 15 joint declaration and underlined the need to remain true to the joint declaration in any circumstances.

They called on the Christians in the north and the south to vigorously turn out in the drive to bring earlier the day of independent and peaceful reunification of the country by realizing national cooperation for national independence, peace against war and reunification and patriotism under the uplifted banner of the June 15 joint declaration and to foil the Japanese imperialists’ moves to distort history and launch reinvasion.

A joint declaration was released at the joint prayers.

The June 15 joint declaration is a great programme for reunification as it is aimed at ending the national division and achieving national reconciliation, the declaration noted, calling on the churches of the north and the south to pool their minds, will and sincere efforts for the implementation of the joint declaration.

The churches in the north and the south will join all the fair-minded peace forces in the struggle for peace against war, convinced that not only peace on this land but genuine world peace will come true when they dynamically turn out as one in the struggle, it noted.

Accusing Japan of working hard to revive militarism and stage a comeback to Korea through the distortion of history and thus posing a threat to peace in Northeast Asia, the declaration pointed out that the churches in the north and the south brand this act as a crime against humanity and peace and urge the Japanese government to stop it at once and apologize for it.

The Korean Christian Federation and the (south) Korean National Council of Christian Churches reiterate that they are Christian brothers and will continue to make the prayer march to make a history in which the 70 million Koreans are reunited through national independence and cooperation, concluded the declaration.

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