U.S. Reckless Plan for New Nuclear War Commanding System under Fire

Pyongyang, May 29 (KCNA) –It was disclosed by a document of the U.S. forces on May 1 that Washington laid down a policy of allowing the commanders of the U.S. combined forces in different parts of the world including the Pacific forces to which the U.S. troops in Japan belong to request the president to permit the use of tactical nuclear weapons in case the U.S. and Japan and other allies are faced with the danger of WMD attacks by “rogue states” and terrorist organizations.

In this regard Rodong Sinmun Sunday says in a signed article: The document called “doctrine of combined operations” was worked out by an order of the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff at the outset of the year. This is a criminal plan to turn the whole world into shambles of a nuclear war and bring a fatal disaster to humankind.

There has been the nuclear war commanding system whereby the U.S. president alone can order the use of nukes. But this document calls for transferring this right to the commanders of U.S. regional combined forces, making it possible to turn all its wars of aggression into nuclear ones.

The recently disclosed “doctrine of combined operations” clearly reveals the bellicose, aggressive and vicious nature of the Bush forces.

In the doctrine, they limitlessly expanded the sphere of its use of nuclear weapons. This is a very dangerous military measure as it designates the whole world as targets of the U.S. nuclear strike. In a word, the doctrine allows the commanders of U.S. regional combined forces to use nuclear weapons against any country under any pretext irrespective of time, place and target.

The Bush bellicose forces regard the Korean Peninsula as the primary target of their nuclear strike in the 21st century. They listed the DPRK as part of “an axis of evil” and a target of its preemptive nuclear attack. They are busy with their moves to set up a regional combined command for a new Korean war, while shipping new type nuclear weapons into south Korea and its vicinity under the pretext of reorganization of U.S. troops. These days the U.S. warmongers are threatening the DPRK that they would launch a preemptive nuclear attack upon it without a warning. They have spent a huge amount of money to develop smaller nukes to be used in the new Korean war. They are contemplating using the nuclear war to be started by them on the Korean Peninsula as a prelude to converting all wars of aggression into nuclear ones. Herein lies the great danger of the U.S. moves to set up a new nuclear war commanding system.

Such U.S. moves will only lead to a global nuclear arms race and increase the danger of a thermonuclear war.

Should the U.S. persistently keep to the road of a nuclear war as now, it will never be able to escape self-destruction in the war.

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