Japanese Reactionaries’ Hindrance of Commemorations of Chongryon Anniversary

Pyongyang, June 10 (KCNA) — The Japanese far-right reactionary forces have desperately worked to scuttle commemorations of the golden jubilee of the General Association of Korean Residents in Japan (Chongryon) that have been under way in different parts of Japan since early May.

The right-wing reactionary forces have set in motion all the media of the country for their malignant smear campaign against the DPRK.

Since early in May they have kept loudspeaker vans in the perimeter of the Chongryon Central Hall round-the-clock to hurl all sorts of vituperation at the DPRK and Chongryon.

On May 23 a plot-breeding organization was formed with former Director for the Tokyo Entry Management Office Hidenori Sakanaka as its representative.

In Niigata City there appeared a reactionary plot-breeding organization called the “Citizens’ Society for Deliberating the Portcall of Ship ‘Mangyongbong-92′”.

On May 24 the Japanese reactionaries brought more than 10 loudspeaker vans belonging to the Japan Aikoku Party and the Bokyo Newspaper Office, right-wing gangsters’ groups, to block off from early morning the roads leading to the Korean Cultural Hall in Tokyo, the venue of the meeting for commemorating the anniversary, and conduct earsplitting propaganda to disturb it.

That evening the reactionaries parked more than ten loudspeaker vans around Capital Tokyo Hotel in Tokyo where a reception was slated to take place for the occasion. They created a terror-ridden atmosphere threatening members of foreign missions and Japanese figures entering the hotel to attend the reception.

Gangsters belonging to the “Society for Defending Human Rights” thronged as far as the hotel entrance and distributed leaflets critical of the DPRK.

Earlier, they called a press conference in Tokyo where they issued a statement titled “We Protest Golden Jubilee of Chongryon.”

From the morning of May 29, the date of the grand festival of Koreans in Japan to mark the anniversary, eleven right-wing organizations parked 15 loudspeaker vans around the Tokyo Korea Middle and High School, the venue of the festival, to let loose anti-DPRK and anti-Chongryon outbursts.

During the celebration period right-wing organizations and reactionary forces including the Dietmen’s League, the Society of Abductees’ Families and the Society for Rescue put ceaseless undisguised pressure upon the Ministry of National Land and Communication not to issue portcall certificate to “Mangyongbong-92”.

From May 18 to June 4 right-wing gangsters kicked up a frantic row in Niigata whenever the ship made its entry.
Right-wing elements including Niigata Prefectural Assemblymen from the Liberal Democratic Party, Secretary General of the Society of Abductees’ Families Teruaki Masumoto and President of the Society for Rescue Katsumi Sato thronged to the Niigata Port and blustered that they would impose sanctions against the DPRK and resolutely oppose the portcall of the ship.

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