Papers Observe National Day of Russia

Pyongyang, June 12 (KCNA) — Pyongyang-based papers Sunday devote signed articles to the national day of the Russian Federation.

On the Day of Russia the Korean people extend friendly greetings to the Russian people, says Rodong Sinmun.

Today the Russian people celebrating the national day are renewing their will to defend the security of the country and the national interests and speed up the building of powerful Russia by inheriting the tradition of the great victory in the war, the paper notes, and goes on:

Russia is now directing its efforts to increasing the national defence capacity. In order to protect the security of the country and the national interests it is necessary to build dependable military potential. This is the stand of Russia.

The move to bolster the national defence capacity in Russia is a just step taken by it to protect the security and interests of the country from the threat of foreign forces.
It is the hope of the Korean people that the Russian people’s work to build a powerful state will go on well.

Today the friendly and cooperative relations between the DPRK and Russia are developing on good terms in conformity with the aspiration and interests of the two peoples. The long-standing traditional friendship between the DPRK and Russia will grow stronger thanks to the joint efforts of both sides.

Minju Joson says that the Russian government is paying deep attention to the development of the friendly and cooperative relations with the DPRK, which helps the bilateral relations favorably develop day by day as required by the reality.

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