KCNA Refutes Japan Education Minister’s Remarks

Pyongyang, June 16 (KCNA) — The Japan educational circle has been taking the lead in covering up Japan’s ambition for territorial expansion and tampering with its crime-woven history.

Minister of Education and Science Nakayama in a dialogue with citizens in Shizuoka Prefecture on June 11 asserted the need to teach schoolchildren that Tok Islet is part of Japan’s territory, adding that it is most important to teach them where its territory is located.

He even went the lengths of uttering that “it is a problem that textbooks contained words of ‘comfort women for the Imperial Japanese Army’ that had not existed in the period of the Second World War at all.”

All what he remarked is nothing but sheer sophism.

He asserted several times in the past that Tok Islet belongs to Japan, previous history textbooks were very self-tormenting and it is very good that the use of such words as “comfort women” and “forcible drafting” has shrunken in recent days. He came under domestic and foreign criticism for these outbursts.

It should not be overlooked, therefore, that he repeated such reckless remarks.

Given the fact that the educational boss of Japan assumes the post of the chief of the “Society for Thinking Future and History Education of Japan”, a group of ultra rightists, of his own accords, it is hard to simply interpret his remarks as his personal view.

Education is an important field related to the future of a country.

A minister of education should have taken the future of his country into consideration in every case and should have been prudent in his behavior, mulling over its relations with other countries.

However, Nakayama’s remarks cannot be considered as ones made by an educational chief but as the outbursts let loose by a mouthpiece or a trumpeter for right-wing hardliners of Japan.

He might be either a political charlatan or a blind man.

His ministry has been engaged in the distribution of distorted history textbooks in collusion with ultra-right forces advocating ultra-nationalism.

Tok Islet has been known as an inalienable part of the territory of Korea generation after generation.

It has been scientifically proven that the islet is part of Korea’s territory from historical, geographical and international legal points of view.
Japan’s alleged dominion over the islet is an unreasonable, far-fetched and brigandish claim.

The Japanese reactionaries’ moves to grab the islet are a wanton violation of the sovereignty of Korea as they reveal their ambition to stage a comeback to it.

By continuing to peddle the issue of Tok Islet formally or informally, Nakayama is encouraging the Japanese reactionaries in their bid to turn the issue of “dominion” over Tok Islet into “an international issue” and make the islet an object of dispute to be recorded in history.

The crime related to the “comfort women” for the imperial Japanese army also left an indelible blot on the history as it was a hideous crime against humanity unprecedented in the world history of wars.

It was only the imperial army of Japan that lured and abducted foreign women and took them to battlefields in an organized manner and enforced sexual slavery upon them to satisfy the carnal desire of its soldiers.

No one can refute such crimes committed by the Japanese militarists during the Second World War including the crimes related to the sexual slavery.

Nakayama’s behavior is not simply related to the issue of recognizing history. It was the deliberate act to serve the Japanese reactionaries’ political purpose.

He has no future of Japan in mind as a reactionary negating history in a bid to hide Japan’s crimes committed during the Second World War and improve his image through his role in the move to grab Tok Islet.

Japan’s option to hide its past crimes is little short of adding to its crimes.

This apparently means big misfortune not only for Japan but for other Asian nations.

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