U.S. History of Aggression and War Can Never Be Concealed

Pyongyang, June 16 (KCNA) — The U.S. chief executive in a recent radio address claimed that the United States had never fought to conquer other

countries in history but fought to “liberate” them. And he vowed “war on terrorism” and “continued spread of freedom” in the world, declaring that the U.S. is now engaged in a new war against the enemy menacing world peace and security.
Commenting on this, a Rodong Sinmun analyst Thursday says:

The argument and logic of the U.S. chief executive on the war are a downright distortion of truth. None of it agrees with historical facts.

Historical facts and hard realities lay bare the aggressive crimes of the U.S., no matter what word jugglery it may employ to beautify and justify its history of aggression and policy of war.

Entering the new century, the U.S. warlike quarters are forcing “crusade expeditions” of modern version to crush sovereign states with arms, paying no heed to international law and the United Nations.

The bellicose nature of the U.S. imperialists is standing out in all its nakedness on the Korean Peninsula today. The U.S. trigger-happy elements frequently put their heads together over a war against the DPRK. They are reorganizing their aggression forces in south Korea to cope with “a contingency” on the Korean Peninsula and even staging mock exercises of dropping nuclear warheads while massively shipping ultra modern military equipment into south Korea.

As long as the U.S. imperialists remain alive, the world can never be tranquil and there can be no end to aggression and war bringing misfortunes and disasters to the people.

The world is sure to keep a tab on the anti-historical and anti-human crimes of the U.S. in destroying peace and barring the development of human civilization.

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