S. Korea Visit of Japanese Chief Executive Protested

Pyongyang, June 19 (KCNA) — An all-people rally against Koizumi’s tour to south Korea was reportedly held at the Thapgol Park in Seoul on June 17 under the sponsorship of the Headquarters of the Student Movement for Defending Tok Islet, checking the distortion of history and liquidating the remnants of pro-Japanese elements.

Ri Ju Hui, chairperson of the Student Committee of the south Korean Democratic Workers’ Party, addressing the rally, said that what the people concern most is to make Japan reflect on its past history, stop distorting history and withdraw its claim to Tok Islet. Questioning if “talks” with no such preconditions are needed, Ri said that they cannot allow the “talks” to bind south Korea in the frame of military alliance with the U.S. and Japan and force it to join in the front of confrontation with the north.

Kim Jin Man, chairman of the General Student Council of Chungang University, said that it is clear that the forthcoming “talks” are for preparing a war and strengthening war alliance. He accused Japan of playing the role of a proxy of the U.S. in realizing its strategy of domination over Northeast Asia.

Jo Jong Won, head of the action team of the headquarters, referred to information activities conducted among Seoul citizens from June 6 and stressed that Japanese chief executive’s tour to south Korea would be certainly checked.

After the rally, participants marched up to the Japanese embassy in Seoul, shouting slogans such as “We oppose Koizumi’s south Korea visit”.

They tried to convey a letter of protest to the Japanese embassy, but police blocked them.

Image credit: https://www.flickr.com/photos/taver/15127075698/

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