Anniversary of Kim Jong Il’s Work Observed

Pyongyang, June 20 (KCNA) — Rodong Sinmun Monday dedicates an article to the 10th anniversary of leader Kim Jong Il’s famous work “Giving Priority to Ideological Work Is Essential for Accomplishing Socialism”.

The author of the article says:

The work gives answers to all the theoretical and practical questions arising in the ideological work ranging from its significance and importance in accomplishing the socialist cause to its essence, main tasks, contents, principles and methods.

The sagacity of the leadership of Kim Jong Il in fortifying the socialist ideological position into an invincible fortress lies in that he has constantly developed and consummated the socialist idea to suit the requirements of the era and the developing revolution.

His ideology and theory are, indeed, profound and multi-faceted ones that give clear answers to all questions from the immediate policy issues to important ideological and theoretical issues of the new century and from the political, economic and military issues and the matter of cultural building to those arising in national reunification and the cause of global independence. It is a precious fruition of his extraordinary wisdom and distinguished ideological and theoretical activities that the Songun idea of Juche is successfully serving as the guideline of the Korean revolution and publicly recognized ideological current of the times.

This sagacity also finds expression in the fact that he has stoutly trained the army and people of the country into those strong in idea and faith and decisively turned the ideological work into a work of the whole party, state and people.

Now the work of modeling the whole society on one idea, the socialist idea, is progressing at a higher stage under the banner of Songun. The main characteristics of the ideological work of the Songun era lie in building up the People’s Army into an army strong in idea and faith and, with it as the model, training the revolutionary ranks into elites.

Under his wise leadership, the principle of firmly ensuring the party’s leadership over the ideological work has been consistently maintained and media and literature and art have become a powerful ideological weapon in educating and mobilizing the masses in the DPRK. And the state is well playing the function of an ideological and cultural educator, all the working people’s organizations and educational institutions regard ideological education as the most important work, and officials in all domains and at all units engage themselves in ideological and political work.

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