Joint Slogans of CC. and CMC of WPK Issued

Pyongyang, July 2 (KCNA) — Joint slogans of the Central Committee and the Central Military Commission of the Workers’ Party of Korea were made public Saturday on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the WPK.

The full text of the slogans reads:

We greet the 60th anniversary of the glorious Workers’ Party of Korea on the road of the sacred Songun revolution.

The great leader Comrade Kim Il Sung founded our Party on October 10, Juche 34 (1945), on the basis of the anti-Japanese revolutionary traditions. This was a historic event which opened up a new era in building the socialist ruling Party of Juche type.

Under the banner of the Juche idea during the six decades our Party has made great achievements by leading to victory the most difficult and complex struggles in our times such as the deep-going social revolutions, the grim war, the gigantic building of socialism and the battle without gunshot in defence of socialism.

In the course of opening up the era of the Workers’ Party, which is most brilliant in the nation’s history of five thousand years, shouldering the destiny of the country and nation, our Party has developed into a seasoned general staff of revolution which enjoys the people’s absolute trust. It has acquired a high authority as the vanguard in the struggle for independence against imperialism and as the defender of justice.

Our Party, army and people are now vigorously advancing toward the high eminence of a great prosperous powerful socialist nation under the Songun revolutionary leadership of the great leader Comrade Kim Jong Il.

For a long time since its foundation, our Party has invariably maintained its revolutionary character as the party of its leader and faithfully carried forward the leader’s revolutionary cause generation after generation. This is the great pride of our Party.

The 60th anniversary of the Party is a historic occasion for adding luster to the immortal exploits made by the great Comrade Kim Il Sung in our Party building, in the revolutionary cause of Juche and in carrying out the human cause of independence as well as a noteworthy political event which would demonstrate the might of Songun Korea where the whole Party, the entire army and all the people are united with a single mind behind the revolutionary leadership.

This year we commemorate the 60th anniversary of the liberation of the country as well as that of the foundation of the Party. It is an auspicious event to greet the 60th anniversary of the liberation of Korea when the might and authority of the Republic are daily rising under the Party’s Songun leadership.

Our Party is now calling on the whole Party, the entire army and all the people to accelerate the general advance of Songun revolution forcefully to brighten this year which marks the 60th anniversaries of the Party and national liberation as a year of proud victory, as the most worthwhile year that increases the might of Songun and effects a decisive change in the building of a great prosperous powerful nation.

Although the imperialist reactionaries are stepping up their maneuvers to isolate and strangle our Republic and although difficulties lie ahead of our revolution, we will surely build a great prosperous powerful socialist country of Juche now that we have the great Party’s leadership, the unconquerable revolutionary armed forces and the unbreakable single-minded unity.

Convinced that all the Party members, the soldiers of the People’s Army and the people will make great innovations unprecedented in our history of the nation-building with the firm determination and a high aim and become honorable victors in the grand general advance of the Songun era, the Central Committee and the Central Military Commission of the Workers’ Party of Korea publish the joint slogans on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of Party founding.

The great Comrade Kim Il Sung is the founder of socialist Korea and our people’s eternal leader who liberated the country and laid the lasting foundation for the prosperity of our country and nation under the banner of the Juche idea.

The great leader Comrade Kim Il Sung will always be with us.

Let us hold high the great leader Comrade Kim Il Sung for ever as the Sun of Juche and brighten his revolutionary career and immortal exploits down through generations!
Long live the revolutionary ideas of the great leader Comrade Kim Il Sung!

Let us arm ourselves more firmly with the revolutionary ideas of the great leader Comrade Kim Il Sung!

Let us carry out our revolutionary cause pioneered on Mt. Paektu, holding high the red revolutionary flag which symbolizes the career of the great leader Comrade Kim Il Sung!

Let us build a great prosperous powerful socialist country on this land of our forefathers without fail in support of the life-long will of the great leader Comrade Kim Il Sung and his instructions!

Let us protect with our very lives the leadership of revolution headed by the great Comrade Kim Jong Il!

Single-minded unity is the mainstay and the most powerful weapon of the Songun revolution.

Long live the single-minded unity of Juche Korea, the solid unity of the Party, the army and the people with a single ideology and will behind the great Comrade Kim Jong Il!

Let all the soldiers and people become single-minded comrades and steadfastly follow the great Comrade Kim Jong Il!

Let us become today’s Kim Hyoks and Cha Kwang Sus and officials like Kim Chaek, who support the great Comrade Kim Jong Il with revolutionary faith and moral obligation!

Let us add luster for ever to the great leader Comrade Kim Jong Il’s achievements of Songun revolutionary leadership as the lasting cornerstone for our Party and revolution and as the best treasure of the nation!

Long live the great victory of the Songun idea and Songun politics!

Let the whole Party, the entire army and all the people give fuller play to the might of Songun in single-minded unity!

The Workers’ Party of Korea is the guiding force of the Songun revolution.
The decisive guarantee for the victorious revolution lies in strengthening the Party and putting its leadership into effect.

Long live the glorious Workers’ Party of Korea, which organizes and guides all victories of our people!

Let us model the entire Party and whole society on the Juche idea and Songun idea!
Let us develop the Party and revolutionary ranks into an elite force as required by the Songun revolution!

Let us develop the entire Party into forces that safeguard the leadership of the revolution with their lives!

Let us establish throughout the Party and society a revolutionary habit of accepting Party lines and policies without any conditions and devotedly implementing them!

Let us defend and creditably carry forward and develop the revolutionary traditions of our Party with its roots in the Down-with-Imperialism Union!

Let us put the benevolent, all-embracing politics of our Party into practice to rally broad sections of the masses behind the Party!

We serve the people!

Let us hold fast to the Party’s guidance as the lifeline and further intensify political guidance by Party organizations to every sector of the revolution and construction!

Let us develop the Party organizations at all levels into powerful organizations in the Songun era, into ones equipped with high revolutionary spirit, high sense of organization and high combat efficiency!

Ideology decides everything, and the Songun revolution advances and emerges victorious by dint of ideological strength.

Let us consolidate our political and ideological position rock solid by waging the ideological revolution more forcefully!

Let us prepare all Party members and other working people to be true fighters of the Songun revolution who are firmly equipped with our Party’s Juche idea and Songun idea!

Let us better lay out the revolutionary battle sites and revolutionary sites associated with the imperishable exploits of the three generals of Mt. Paektu and further intensify education in the revolutionary traditions!

Let us work stoutly full of unshakable conviction and optimism that socialism of our own style will emerge victorious without fail!

Let us give fuller play to the Korean nation-first spirit!

Let us become true patriots in the Songun era who, cherishing socialist patriotism, devote themselves to the prosperity of their motherland!

Let us make the noble outlook on socialist morality and collectivist way of life prevail throughout the society!

One for all and all for one!

We are now in sharp confrontation with the imperialist reactionaries.

Let us resolutely frustrate the US imperialists’ heinous schemes to stamp out our socialist system and achieve the final victory in the showdown with the United States!

Let us make Japan pay to the last for its imperialist past crimes and deal a crushing blow to the Japanese reactionaries who are resorting to hostile schemes against the DPRK!

Let us sharpen the edge of the class struggle, fight the class enemies without any mercy and render the class position of socialism impregnable!

Let us frustrate the enemy’s vicious ideological and cultural infiltration and psychological warfare by means of revolutionary ideological and cultural offensive!

Let us develop the Three-Revolution Red Flag Movement powerfully to propel the general advance of the Songun revolution!

Let us further enhance the role of working people’s organizations, the organizations for ideological education!

For us, armed forces mean socialism, sovereignty of the country and the sword for shaping the destiny of the nation.

Let us further develop the People’s Army into the armed forces of the Party!

Men and officers of the People’s Army, perform with credit your honourable mission as the main force of the Songun revolution!

Let the whole army wage the O Jung Hup-led 7th Regiment Movement forcefully to become the first line death-defying corps and the first line human bullets and bombs in defending the leadership of the revolution!

Let us establish more firmly the monolithic command system and revolutionary military discipline by which the whole army acts as one by the order of its Supreme Commander!

Men and officers of the People’s Army, be the best advocator, the best defender and the best implementer of the Songun idea!

Fight devotedly for the Party and leader, for the motherland, fellow people and revolutionary comrades as Heroes Ri Su Bok, Kim Kwang Chol and Kim Ki Bong did!

Carry out the Party’s training-first policy and become a-match-for-a hundred combatants!

Glorify the 60th anniversaries of Party founding and national liberation with brilliant successes in combat readiness and improved combat efficiency!

Establish an iron military discipline throughout the army and further its features as regular armed forces!

Frustrate resolutely the enemy’s moves to weaken the ideological might of the revolutionary army!

It is a revolutionary mettle of our People’s Army to mete out severe punishment to the aggressors and provokers without slightest mercy.

Crush the enemy without mercy and reunify the country should they invade an inch of the sky, land and sea of our motherland!

Apply thoroughly the unity between men and officers, unity between the army and people and cooperation between military commanders and political officers, the proud tradition of our revolutionary armed forces and the source of its invincible might!

Let all soldiers step up their transformation into revolutionaries and socialist patriots and let the People’s Army set an example in every respect for the society!

Let the People’s Army demonstrate to the full on the difficult and arduous labor fronts of building a prosperous and powerful nation the might of the revolutionary armed forces for which nothing is impossible!

Let us strengthen the self-defensive war deterrent in every way in support of the line of economic construction in the Songun era!

Workers in the field of munitions industry, produce powerful and modern weaponry and combat equipment in larger quantities and send them to the People’s Army!

Let all the people attach importance to military affairs and imbue the whole society with the trait of aiding the army!

Let us implement more thoroughly our Party’s policy of arming all the people and fortifying the whole country!

Worker-Peasant Red Guards and Young Red Guards, complete full preparations to be mobilized for action in the light of the prevailing situation!

The Juche-oriented socialist system is the eternal guardian of our people’s destiny and their future.

Let us value and eternally glorify the socialist system of our country!

Let us maintain the Juche character and national identity and hold fast to the socialist principles in all aspects of State activities and public life!

Let us further raise the functions and role of the people’s power in keeping with the requirements of the building of a great prosperous powerful socialist nation!

Judicial, procuratorial, people’s security and other organs of people’s democratic dictatorship, defend the security of the socialist system and the lives and property of the people!

Let all of us willingly observe the State law and order with a noble sense of duty proper to a citizen!

Let all sectors and units thoroughly establish the revolutionary discipline and order and strictly keep the Party, State and military secrets!

To bring about a decisive turn in economic construction and people’s standard of living this year marking the 60th anniversaries of Party founding and national liberation is a key target of the on-going general advance.

Let us bring about a new, great Songun-motivated surge by inheriting the tradition of the postwar great Chollima upsurge!

Let us build an economic power of the 21st century as soon as possible by mobilizing all forces built up by dint of the great Songun politics!

Let us give full play to the revolutionary spirit of self-reliance in the general advance of the Songun revolution!

Let all of us become trustful implementers and performers of heroic feats in the general offensive to glorify the grand October festival!

Agriculture is the main front of the socialist economic construction this year.

Let us mobilize all forces to concentrate on farming to hit the target of grain production for this year without fail!

All agricultural workers!

Be patriotic farmers of the Songun era who support the Party and socialism through increased grain production with the attitude of masters responsible for filling the country’s granaries!

Let the whole of the country strive for a high yield to greet the 60th anniversary of Party founding in a jubilant atmosphere!

All sectors of the national economy, supply manpower, equipment and materials required for farming on a top-priority basis!

Let us bring about a radical turn in seed improvement and potato farming and do the two-crop farming and soya bean farming in a substantial way true to the Party’s policy on agricultural revolution!

Let us give a radical boost to the output of livestock products, vegetables, fruits and industrial crops!

Let us bring about a fresh surge in agricultural production on the basis of success in the gigantic land realignment and irrigation projects!

The entire working class!

Give full play to the mettle and spirit of the Korean working class in the Songun era in today’s general advance as befits the pivot in the building of a great prosperous powerful nation!

Power, coal-mining and metal industries and railway transport constitute the major fronts of economic construction.

The workers in the sectors of power and coal-mining industries, make a vigorous campaign for increased production to make a breakthrough in the great revolutionary surge!

Boost the power production decisively by running hydroelectric power stations and thermal power plants to their full capacity!

Concentrate force on key coal mines with abundant deposits and favorable mining conditions to remarkably increase coal output!

The workers in the sector of metal industry!

Be iron pillars defending the Party and upholding the cause of building a great prosperous powerful nation with iron and steel following the torch lit by the Songjin Steel Complex!

Bring about a remarkable turn in iron and steel production by actively applying the Juche-oriented steel-making process!

Workers of the Musan Mining Complex, effect a new upswing in production in the van of the great revolutionary surge!

Produce more nonferrous minerals and non-metal minerals at ore mines!

Railway workers, kindle the flames of revolution further in transport with a sense of responsibility for safeguarding the arteries of the country!

Establish a rigid discipline in the railways as in the army and put the railway operation on a regular footing through improved arrangement and command of rail transport!

Accelerate production and repair of electric locomotives and passenger and freight cars, increase the strength of rail tracks and give a remarkable boost to freight traffic!
Workers of machine industry, bring the might of the Juche-based machine industry into full play by manufacturing more modern machines and equipment!

Workers of chemical industry, boost the output of chemical fertilizers and ensure the sufficient production and supply of raw and other materials necessary for economic construction and people’s living!

Bring about a fresh economic boost in building-materials industry, timber industry and all other sectors!

Let us equip light-industry factories with modern technique and make a turn in the production of consumer goods by accelerating a revolution in light industry!

Let us provide the people with more quality consumer goods this year honoured with significant national holidays!

Tap all the locally available raw-material resources and latent materials to remarkably increase the output of the essential consumer goods, including the basic food items!

Let us build up export bases and develop the scope of foreign trade!

Let us step up a campaign for increased production and economization and manage the country’s economy assiduously in all sectors and units!

Bringing the country’s economy onto a higher level through accelerated technical reconstruction of the national economy is the target of cardinal importance in the present economic construction.

Push ahead with the technical reconstruction and modernization of the national economy in a daring, ambitious and innovative way as required by the IT age!

Let us upgrade the overall technical equipment of the national economy in such a way as the modernization of a piece of equipment through technical reconstruction leading to that of ten pieces, ten pieces to a hundred pieces, and a hundred pieces to a thousand pieces!

Science and technology are the basis of economic progress.

Scientists and technicians!

Creditably perform your duties as the vanguard of technical reconstruction and modernization of the national economy!

Bring about a great leap forward in the scientific and technological development of the country by feeding the flames of a revolution in science and technology as befits the true scientists and technicians of the great Party!

Let us rapidly develop the basic core technologies and the technical engineering and basic sciences in key sectors!

Let us bring about a fresh turn in economic construction by attaching importance to science and by dint of self-reliance based on modern science and technology!

Let us improve the quality in production and construction by relying on science and technology!

Major construction is a worthwhile undertaking to demonstrate the mettle of heroic Korea making headways for the building of a great prosperous powerful nation.

Let us set up more monumental edifices representative of the Songun era at the best level this year marking the 60th anniversaries of Party founding and national liberation!

Expedite as soon as possible the construction of hydropower stations, including the Nyongwon Power Station, the Orangchon Power Station, the Paektusan Songun Youth Power Station and the Samsu Power Station!

Build the Taean Friendship Glass Factory in an immaculate way on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of Party founding!

Round off at the top level the construction of Pyongyang University of Music, the renovation of the Moranbong Theatre and the East Pyongyang Grand Theatre, and a construction project for Kim Chaek University of Technology!

Let us build up Pyongyang City, the capital of revolution, in a more magnificent and splendid way and build many modern dwelling houses in towns and rural areas!

Let us give further impetus to the revolution in road construction and cover the whole country with trees and flowers as soon as possible!

Let us give full play to the advantages of socialist economy by improving the economic management in such a revolutionary way as holding fast to socialist principles while gaining the maximum real profit!

Leading economic officials, map out a scientific operation strategy and business strategy and display the leadership ability, the creative initiative and the proactive manner!

Party workers, help economic officials work in a responsible and daring manner!

In order to bring about a fresh surge in socialist economic construction, all officials, Party members and other working people must acquire the revolutionary spirit of soldiers and work the way the People’s Army does.

Let us learn after the examples of the soldiers and display to the full patriotic devotion and self-sacrificing spirit with which to work, devoting sweat and blood to the prosperity of the motherland!

Let us make a leap forward in production and construction with the spirit, mettle and disposition of the soldiers!
Let us bring about a further development of the socialist culture in the Songun era following the example of the revolutionary culture of soldiers!

Creative workers and artistes, produce more masterpieces of the times by improving their creative skills and usher in a new heyday of Songun-based art and literature!

Re-produce the grand mass gymnastic and artistic performance Arirang in a fine way to make it a masterpiece representing the new century!

Pressmen, be bold information workers of the Songun idea, faithful spokesmen of the Songun politics and powerful buglers of the Songun revolution!

Let us enhance the quality of education to meet the needs of the new century and prepare the students as reliable workers for the building of a great prosperous powerful nation!

Let us bring up a greater number of distinguished talents by strengthening education of brilliant students!

Let us give full play to the advantages of the socialist medical system by carrying out the Party’s popular policy on public health and bringing about a rapid development in medical science and technology!

Let the sportspersons add glory to Songun Korea by winning gold medals and let us all conduct sport activities widely and prepare ourselves soundly for national defence and labour!

Let us value the cultural heritage of the nation and preserve good manners and customs of our nation!

Let us build up streets, villages and work places splendidly like the posts of the People’s Army on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of Party founding!

Let us further enrich our revolutionary cultural and emotional life full of songs, dance and laughter, the life we are living in the midst of struggle!

Members of the Workers’ Party of Korea, the vanguard fighters of the revolution, must take the lead in the general advance to glorify the 60th anniversary of Party founding.

Party members!

Be the ten Party members of Rakwon in the Songun era, who defend and support the Party in the van of the great revolutionary surge!

Be the buglers of forward march and passionate vanguard fighters in the present-day all-out charge!

Leading officials are the commanding personnel of the revolution and standard-bearers of struggle.

Leading officials, be comrades of your leader on the way of Songun revolution, sharing his ideology, will and feeling, like the officials in the period of laying down the Party’s foundation for carrying forward the cause of Juche in the 1970s!

Leading officials, be persons of deeds who are sensitive to the Party policy and carry it through to the end like commanders of the People’s Army!

Leading officials, rouse the masses to fresh innovation and exploits, shouting, “Forward after me!”

Leading officials, be men of all-round ability demanded by the Songun era!

Leading officials, be true servants of the people, who are called with respect as “Our so and so”!

Our Party is putting the young people forward as the vanguard and shock brigade in today’s general advance.

Young people!

Demonstrate to the full the revolutionary mettle and valour of Songun youth vanguard in the defence of the country and the building of a great prosperous powerful nation!

Be the performers of distinguished services and young heroes who make a breakthrough in the general forward march at the cost of their burning youth!

Forward, young people, toward the grand festival of glory, flying the flag of the Kim Il Sung Socialist Youth League!

National reunification is the supreme task of the nation.

Let us realize with success the great leader Comrade Kim Il Sung’s instructions for national reunification!

Let us firmly stand by the three charters for national reunification, and achieve the independent and peaceful reunification of the country by dint of the concerted efforts of the whole nation!

Let us make a turning-point in achieving independent reunification this year marking the 60th anniversary of national liberation and the fifth anniversary of the publication of the June 15 North-South Joint Declaration!

Let us build on the land of three thousand ri a powerful nation, independent, prosperous and reunified!

Independence, peace and friendship are the idea of the consistent foreign policy of our Party.

Let us unite close with the world’s people who defend independence and make the whole world independent!

Let us defend and advance the socialist cause, the ideal and the future of mankind!

Let us frustrate resolutely the US imperialists’ wild dream for world supremacy and brigandish acts of state-sponsored terrorism!

Let us oppose the manoeuvres for aggression and war by the imperialists and staunchly safeguard the peace and security of Asia and the rest of the world!

Let us develop the friendly and cooperative relations with all countries that respect the sovereignty of our country!

Let us build a new world, independent, peaceful and friendly!

All Party members, servicemen and people!

The sacred flag of the Party inscribed with a hammer, a sickle and a writing brush is encouraging the ranks of Songun revolution to a great victory and the bright future of a great prosperous powerful nation is calling us all to a new struggle and exploits.

Let us demonstrate proudly to the whole world the indomitable fighting spirit of our army and people, fully equipped with the great idea of and faith in Songun and tempered in the crucible of the Songun revolution, and what a great turn they will achieve!

Let us crush with iron heels of Songun steed all kinds of obstacles in the way of our advance and enter in fine array the square of October as honourable victors!

Let us glorify this year, the 60th year of Party founding and national liberation, as a year of great change in the building of a great prosperous powerful nation to the drumbeat of the general advance of Songun revolution!

Long live the 60th anniversary of the glorious Workers’ Party of Korea!

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