Society for Rallying Comrades, First Party Organization in Korea

Pyongyang, July 2 (KCNA) — Seventy-five years have elapsed since the first party organization in Korea — the Society for Rallying Comrades — was formed.

After advancing a proper and realistic policy for founding a party at the historic Kalun Meeting (June 30-July 2, 1930) President Kim Il Sung formed the first party organization at Jinmyong School in Kalun on July 3, Juche 19 (1930).

The first party organization was the embryo and seed of the Workers’ Party of Korea.
From then on, the Korean revolution could advance with a true vanguard of revolutionaries of a new generation under the leadership of the President.

As a solid foundation for building a party was laid during the hard-fought anti-Japanese revolutionary struggle, the WPK could be founded in a matter of two months after the country’s liberation.

The WPK was further strengthened through the fierce Fatherland Liberation War, the difficult postwar rehabilitation and construction, and the tremendous creation and construction for laying the foundation of socialism through the Chollima upsurge. And it has grown up to be a strong party with millions of members.

During the trial years of the “Arduous March” and forced march the Party’s cohesion and the unity of the revolutionary ranks were cemented.

The WPK, the unity of which has been consolidated thanks to the ideas of the President and the leadership of Kim Jong Il, will always lead the revolution and construction to victory.

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