Construction of Power Stations and Roads and Forestation in Mt. Paektu Area

Pyongyang, July 4 (KCNA) — The construction of power stations, power transmission lines, bridges and roads is going on simultaneously with that of dwelling houses and cultural and sport facilities in the Mt. Paektu area of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.

The members of the national Party information workers’ shock brigade have built the June 18 and Sobaeksu Power Stations defying the unfavourable geological conditions of the area to create more generating capacity. They have also reconstructed or repaired several power stations including Samjiyon Power Station No. 1 and Phothae Power Station No. 4.

They have made a great stride forward in the construction of the Samsu Power Station since they started the large-scale project in May Juche 93(2004).

Many successes have been registered in the constructions of roads and bridges.
They have built an 1,570-meter-long delicately-trimmed granite stairway from the top of Mt. Paektu down to Lake Chon, a road leading up to the peak of Mt. Paektu with 437,500 trimmed stones and other roads and several bridges such as Konjangdok and Pegaebong Bridges to improve traffic in the area for the visitors to the revolutionary battle and historic sites.

Forestation has been extensively pushed ahead in the area. Millions of trees have been planted in revolutionary battle and historic sites, the township of Samjiyon County and villages on the bank of Rimyong Stream to add beauty to the area.

This tremendous change in the Mt. Paektu area is the fruition of the devoted efforts the members of the national Party information workers’ shock brigade have bent under the guidance of Kim Jong Il to carry into the practice far-reaching plan drawn up by President Kim Il Sung during the anti-Japanese revolutionary struggle to convert the place into one good to live in.

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