Historic Relics, Remains Preserved in DPRK

Pyongyang, July 4 (KCNA) — More and more historic relics and remains showing the brilliant history and splendid culture of the Korean nation have been discovered and preserved well in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea in the Songun era.

Over the last decade a lot of relics and several thousand pieces of remains have been unearthed in the country. Among them are relics in Richon-ri, Sungho District and Phyodae relics in Honam-ri, Samsok District, Pyongyang and a brick tomb in Saenal-ri, Sinchon County, South Hwanghae Province.

In particular, 63 mural tombs belonging to the period of Koguryo including the mural tomb in Tokhung-ri, three tombs in Kangso and Tomb No.3 in Anak were inscribed on the world heritage list.

Leader Kim Jong Il, on his way to army units, made time to go round time-honored relics and said that they should be restored to the original state on the basis of historical facts and education in patriotism conducted well through them.

Under his wise guidance the Woljong and Samsong Temples in Mt. Kuwol and historic buildings in the Mt. Suyang area, South Hwanghae Province have been restored or repaired and repainted as they were in a short span of time.
Meanwhile, Puyong Pavilion in Haeju and Sohyon Lecture Hall in Pyoksong have been reconstructed and the newly discovered historic relics are preserved well.

People in North Hwanghae Province are managing well the castle, Songbul Temple and other cultural relics in Mt. Jongbang to implant patriotism in the minds of the visitors.

People in Kaesong have repaired roofs of more than 30 buildings and castles, heaped up earth over scores of tombs and colorfully repainted buildings.

In South Hamgyong Province, the Ryangchon Temple in Kowon County, Ryonghung Temple in Yonggwang County, Jonggwang Temple in Riwon County and Kathu Temple in Tanchon City were repaired and resting sites and roads leading to them were built.
Many people and students visit the historic spots and remains to get a better knowledge of the brilliant history of the nation.

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