Remarks of Japanese Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Accused

Pyongyang, July 4 (KCNA) — Japanese Deputy Minister for Foreign Affairs Yabunaka said a few days ago that Japan can never allow the nuclear development of north Korea and that Japan intends to make public a sure statement for early resumption of the six-party talks. He also babbled that G-8 would sympathize with the position of Japan.

A political aim Japan pursues on the occasion of the summit of G-8 is to meddle in the settlement of the nuclear issue of world concern to implant in the international community the cognition that Japan does its share and speak for the U.S. stand to create favorable conditions for its bid for permanent membership of the UN Security Council, observes Minju Joson Monday in a signed commentary.

It goes on:

This cannot but be a revelation of inveterate habit peculiar to Japan. No country can match Japan in finding other’s fault to draw water to its mill.

The nuclear issue of the Korean Peninsula is not a matter for such an insincere and clumsy political dwarf as Japan to deal with. So it is desirable that Japan may step aside to see the settlement of the issue.

Japan will certainly pay a high price for interfering in the process of resolving the nuclear issue by the relay method of what the U.S. says.

The reckless behavior of Japan will result in taking its participation into consideration even in case the six-party talks resume.

Japan should bear in mind that it needs for Japan to stop the foolish act.

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