Anniversary of Kim Il Sung’s Last Work Marked

Pyongyang, July 6 (KCNA) — President Kim Il Sung convened a consultative meeting of senior officials in the economic field in the last days of his life eleven years ago at which he made public the famous work “On Bringing about a New Revolutionary Turn in the Socialist Economic Construction” to unfold a bright blueprint for building a great prosperous powerful country.

Rodong Sinmun Wednesday in an article dedicated to the anniversary says that upholding President’s far-reaching plan and intention is a revolutionary duty of the Korean people and a supreme manifestation of their moral sense of obligation and it provides a fundamental guarantee for the victorious advance of the revolution. In the past ten-odd years the Korean people have worked to bring the President’s plan for building a prosperous powerful country to a brilliant reality through manifold trials under the leadership of Kim Jong Il, bearing in mind the behests of the President, the author of the article notes, and goes on:

The revolutionary trait displayed by the Koreans in their efforts to brilliantly materialize the President’s plan for building a prosperous powerful country finds striking manifestation in that they have upheld with loyalty Kim Jong Il’s ideology and leadership in one mind and firmly maintained their faith in socialism.

The Koreans have cherished it as an unshakable faith to unconditionally fulfil Kim Jong Il’s ideology and intention. Their faith in building a prosperous and powerful country under the red banner of socialism held aloft by Kim Jong Il will remain unchanged no matter how many more “arduous marches” they may undergo.

Their patriotic zeal in successfully promoting the President’s plan of building a prosperous powerful nation has been fully manifested in their endeavors to glorify his leadership exploits associated with their own units and fields. It has become the noblest patriotic undertaking for the Korean army and people to exalt his leadership exploits.
The President’s ideology and exploits will be everlasting and a steady continuity will be given to his history on this land as there are army and people intensely loyal to him, the article concludes.

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