Int’l Meeting of Trade Unions in Europe on Korea’s Reunification Held

Pyongyang, July 6 (KCNA) — An international meeting of trade unions in Europe on Korea’s reunification was held in Brussels on June 27.

The meeting was held under the title “The situation on the Korean Peninsula: The need for peace in this region and immediate withdrawal of the U.S. forces, European workers’ solidarity with the workers on the Korean Peninsula.”

Present at the meeting were a delegation of the All Greece Front for the Struggle of Workers led by George Mavrikos, vice-president of the World Federation of Trade Unions and coordinator of the European Regional Office of the federation, a delegation of the Belgian Solidarity Committee “Korea Is One” led by Catherine Dijon, deputy secretary general of the International Liaison Committee for Reunification and Peace in Korea, and political figures of Spain and Romania.

A delegation of the General Federation of Trade Unions of Korea led by its Vice-Chairman Kim Yong Do was present there on invitation.

Speakers at the meeting denounced the U.S. for putting the brake on the inter-Korean relations which have developed in favor of reconciliation, cooperation and national unity since the publication of the north-south joint declaration and driving the anti-reunification forces in south Korea to the north-south confrontation.

A letter to leader Kim Jong Il was adopted at the meeting.

An appeal to the workers and trade unions of the world was made public at the meeting.

The appeal noted that the publication of the June 15 North-South Joint Declaration helped the north and the south of Korea greet the 21st century of reconciliation and cooperation after putting an end to the antagonism and confrontation that plagued the Koreans in the 20th century and encouraged them to dynamically advance towards national reunification.

The appeal called upon all the trade unions and workers of the world to be vigilant against the moves of the U.S. to shift the blame for having driven the six-way talks for settlement of the nuclear issue on the Korean Peninsula to a deadlock onto the DPRK and create an atmosphere of international pressure upon it in a bid to isolate and stifle it. It also underscored the need for them to turn out as one in the struggle to disclose and frustrate them.

The participants in the meeting sent a letter of protest to the U.S. president.

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