Japanese FM’s Reckless Remarks under Fire

Pyongyang, July 9 (KCNA) — A spokesman for the Reunification Solidarity of south Korea reportedly released a commentary on July 5 blasting the reckless remarks by the Japanese foreign minister as regards the six-way talks.

The commentary referred to the fact that Japanese Foreign Minister Machimura at an interview with Reuters on July 4 said that Japan would reach the limit of patience sooner or later with the issue of the DPRK. It continued:

Japan has so far obstructed the resumption of the six-way talks in various ways. It was so ridiculous as to talk nonsense not relevant to the agenda even at the negotiating table, chilling the atmosphere of the talks. Does Japan have the face to talk about the talks?

The patience of the Korean nation with Japan’s impudent behavior has already gone beyond its limit. If Japan persistently goes reckless and does harm to the Korean people, backed by the U.S., it will only invite colder treatment, bitterer ridicule and catastrophic consequences.

Image credit: https://www.flickr.com/photos/28705377@N04/4625568315/

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