Reckless Remarks of South Korean Senior Officer Blasted

Pyongyang, July 14 (KCNA) — The Secretariat of the Committee for the Peaceful Reunification of the Fatherland Wednesday issued information bulletin No. 905 assailing the candidate for the director of the south Korean Intelligence Service for his reckless remarks about the “validity” of the “National Security Law”.

Branding his remarks as traitorous outbursts intended to bring back the inter-Korean relations oriented to reconciliation and unity to those of distrust and confrontation, the information bulletin said:

At a “hearing” held at the south Korean National Assembly over the personnel issue on July 5, he talked nonsense that the north still remains a threat to the security of south Korea in spite of improving atmosphere of reconciliation and relations between the north and south and the NSL should, therefore, remain in force.

The north can not but recall the fact that whenever reactionaries of the worst type treating fellow countrymen with hostility held the posts of the successive directors of the “National Security Planning Board” and the “Central Intelligence Agency”, the predecessors of the “Intelligence Service,” the antagonism and confrontation between the north and the south further deteriorated and their relations were thrown into the catastrophic phase of collapse and collision.

The above-said hostile remarks made by the candidate even before his assumption of office convince the north that the “Intelligence Service” remains unchanged in its nature and make it skeptical about whether such institution would be of any help to the reconciliation and cooperation between the north and the south.

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