Rodong Sinmun on Three Principles of National Reunification

Pyongyang, July 26 (KCNA) — The three principles of national reunification–independence, peaceful reunification and great national unity–advanced by President Kim Il Sung are an immortal programme for the solution to the issue of Korea’s reunification and a cornerstone of national reunification as they indicate the basic stand and way to settle the issue by the nation itself in keeping with its will and interests, says Rodong Sinmun Tuesday in a signed article.

The article further says:

To reunify the country independently is the intrinsic requirement for hewing out the destiny of the nation and the most fundamental principle for solving the reunification issue.

The issue of Korea’s reunification is entirely an internal affair of the Korean nation and it is an issue related to the sovereignty of the nation. Accordingly, the reunification of the country should be certainly achieved by the Koreans, the master responsible for it, themselves in accordance with the independent will and requirement of the nation. This issue can never be settled with dependence on foreign forces.

National reunification should be achieved in a peaceful way, not by the use of armed forces.

It cannot be achieved in such way that one of both sides, the north and the south, forces its own will on the other, meeting its own interests only. The national reunification should be achieved in such way as to realize the reconciliation and unity of the whole nation and ensure unified development and prosperity of the country. If the north and the south fight each other, the Korean nation itself will suffer disasters and it will only help foreign forces fish in troubled waters. To reunify the country peacefully, not by armed forces, is the most reasonable way that conforms with the common interests of the nation.

Great national unity is a decisive guarantee for achieving the national reunification independently and peacefully.

The cause of national reunification is not for settling class contradiction among the nation or confrontation between the systems, but for relinking the blood vessel of the nation severed into the north and the south and achieving national reconciliation and unity to regain the appearance of the homogeneous Korean nation and establish the sovereignty of the nation throughout the whole country. If all the Koreans love the country, concern about the destiny of the nation and desire for national reunification before anything else, it will be possible for the nation to achieve its great unity under any circumstances though there are differences in ideology, ism, religious belief, political view, class and stratum.

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