Art Performances Mark Day of Victory in War

Pyongyang, July 28 (KCNA) — The State Merited Chorus of the Korean People’s Army and the State Theatrical Company separately gave performances at the People’s Palace of Culture and the State Theatrical Theatre on July 27 to celebrate the 52nd anniversary of the victory in the great Fatherland Liberation War.

The performances were appreciated by senior officials of the Workers’ Party of Korea, the state and the army, chairpersons of friendly parties, members of the Cabinet, leading officials of the Party, military and power organs, social organizations, ministries and national institutions, KPA servicepersons, officials in the field of science, education, culture and art, public health and media, heroes and war veterans, those who rendered distinguished services during the war and working people in Pyongyang.

The State Merited Chorus put on the stage such chorus numbers as “Cantata to Marshal Kim Il Sung,” “July 27,Our Day of Victory,” “Song of National Defence,” “To the Road of Decisive Battle,” famous song “Dear General, Where Are You,” “Song of Airman,” “The Country I am Defending,” “My Warship Is Part of Beloved Country,” “Soldiers Have Answered,” “Parade of Victory” and “We Will Defend the Headquarters of Revolution with Our Lives.”

The performers sang of the indomitable stamina of the army and the people of the DPRK who honorably defended the dignity of the country and the national sovereignty in the just war to drive out the imperialist aggressor forces and powerfully displayed the spirit of heroic Korea.

The State Theatrical Company staged the newly represented revolutionary drama “Under the Banner of Victory.”

The drama depicted in a wide-ranging and in-depth manner the undying feats President Kim Il Sung performed by checking and frustrating the U.S. adventurous “new offensive” and bringing about a turning phase for the victory in the war with his outstanding strategy and tactics, Juche-oriented war methods and extraordinary commanding art.

The performances were acclaimed by audience for their high ideological and artistic value.

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