Japan’s Militarist Ambition under Fire

Pyongyang, July 28 (KCNA) — Japanese right-wing conservatives’ move to stipulate the “possession of self-defense forces” in the constitution is aimed to codify the possession of the combat forces and realize their wild ambition to emerge a military giant and realize overseas expansion come what may. Rodong Sinmun Thursday says this in a by-lined commentary. It continues:

Once Japan’s possession of a regular army is legalized, it will again harass the peace and stability of Asia and the rest of the world as it did in the past.

Japan claimed that it should possess self-defensive forces under the pretext of what it called self-defense, international peace and stability. This is, however, nothing but a deception and mockery of the public.

The Japanese reactionary forces defy any law in their desperate bid to emerge a military giant and realize territorial expansion.

Some days ago the Japanese military boss asserted that the interceptor missiles jointly developed by the U.S. and Japan can be delivered to a third country. This is a gross violation of Japan’s “three principles of arms export.”
It is as clear as noonday what consequences will be entailed by the delivery of such missiles to other countries.

What matters is why are the Japanese reactionary forces seeking to export weapons to other country?

This is designed to provide leverage and a springboard for its military expansion overseas.

All the actions being conducted by Japan under the signboard of “international peace and stability” are aimed at emerging a military giant and realizing its wild ambition for overseas expansion. Through the retrogressive revision of the “Pacifist Constitution” the Japanese reactionary forces seek to legalize and institutionalize their moves for emerging a military giant and realizing overseas expansion.

If Japan goes on reckless, seized by the wild ambition for military expansion overseas, failing to face up to the changed world and reality, it will have to pay a dear price for it.

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