U.S.-Japan Century-long Conspiracy and Tie-up in Korean Aggression Assailed

Pyongyang, July 29 (KCNA) — The century-long history of U.S.-Japan conspiracy in Korean aggression goes to clearly prove that the U.S. imperialist aggressors and the Japanese militarists’ ambition and moves for aggression have been intensified with the passage of time and that they are the sworn enemies of the Korean people as they have inflicted all sorts of misfortune and pain upon the Koreans for such a long period.

The DPRK History Society said this in a lengthy memorandum dealing with the history of the Korean aggression through U.S.-Japan conspiracy issued Thursday on the occasion of the centenary of the fabrication of the criminal “Taft-Katsura Agreement” (July 29).

The memorandum included such sub-titles as “1. Fabrication of Taft-Katsura Agreement”, “2. Occupation of Korea by the Japanese Imperialists and Their Colonial Rule under the U.S. Patronage”, “3. Conspirator Who Had Brought Tragedy of Division and War” and “4. Dangerous Conspirator Who Seeks to Reinvade, Isolate and Stifle the DPRK”.

The memorandum cited concrete historical facts and materials to prove that the U.S. and the Japanese imperialists had conspired with each other in the efforts to invade Korea since the mid-19th century and the conclusion of the criminal agreement formally recognized Japan’s colonization of Korea, thus putting the U.S.-Japan nexus on a new stage, and helped Japan fabricate the “Ulsa Five-point Treaty” and put Korea under its military control under the patronage of the U.S.

This criminal conspiracy and nexus went on during the Japanese imperialists’ colonial rule and have persisted still today, gaining in new dimension, the memorandum noted, and continued:

At the end of the Second World War the U.S.-Japan conspiracy in the moves to invade Korea found its manifestation in the U.S. imperialists’ drawing of the 38th parallel to divide Korea and in the U.S. forces’ occupation of south Korea after the defeat of the Japanese imperialists.

The U.S. imperialists fixed the 38th parallel, a temporary limit line drawn for the military occupation by the Soviet and U.S. forces to accept the surrender of the Imperial Japanese Army, as a tragic dividing line which brought the tragedy of division to the Korean nation.

. This proves that the Japanese imperialists had directly helped the U.S. imperialists in their efforts to divide Korea.

Japan also actively helped the U.S. imperialists in their occupation of Korea and the enforcement of “military administration.”

It also took an active part in the Korean war of aggression launched by the U.S. imperialists and closely cooperated with them in military operations.

Japan, at the instruction of the U.S. imperialists, dispatched not only ground forces but huge air and naval forces and technical personnel to the Korean front and produced and supplied munitions by special orders of the U.S. forces. It also actively conspired and cooperated with the U.S. in its germ warfare.

In the 1990s after the end of the Cold War the U.S. imperialists and the Japanese reactionaries kicked up a frantic anti-DPRK racket over the fiction of “nuclear suspicion” in the DPRK and the issue of “missile threat” from it in a bid to block the independent and peaceful reunification of Korea.

The U.S. and Japan have rendered the situation on the Korean Peninsula extremely tense under the pretext of “nuclear issue.”

The U.S. staged madcap war exercises after working out “OPLAN 5027,” “OPLAN 5027-98,” “OPLAN 5030”, “OPLAN 5029-05” and various other codenamed scenarios for war against the DPRK and shipping modern war means into south Korea. It conducted aerial espionage to mount a surprise attack on the DPRK and engineered frequent military clashes.

Even this January it designated the DPRK as an “outpost of tyranny” and disclosed its attempt to realize a “regime change” by force.

Fully supporting the U.S. imperialists in their hostile policy towards the DPRK, the Japanese reactionaries reduced the DPRK-Japan Pyongyang Declaration into a dead document, cooked up the “Law on Contingency” and came out for overseas aggression in real earnest. These days they are working hard, with the U.S. imperialists, to isolate and stifle the DPRK, hamstringing the six-party talks with a hue and cry over “nuclear and missile issues” and the “abduction issue.”

The Korean people will never forget the criminal history of aggression committed by the U.S. imperialists and the Japanese militarists, who have inflicted only pain and misfortune upon the Korean nation, but certainly take a thousand-fold revenge upon the sworn enemies by their concerted efforts and achieve the independent reunification of the country, their cherished desire, without fail.

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