Korean People’s Victory in War Observed in India and France

Pyongyang, August 5 (KCNA) — An opening ceremony of the anti-U.S., anti-war fine art exhibition and a DPRK photo exhibition took place in New Delhi on July 27 on the occasion of the 52nd anniversary of the victory in the great Fatherland Liberation War under the sponsorship of the All-India Agricultural Workers’ Union.

On display in the venue of the opening ceremony were a photograph of President Kim Il Sung waving to the participants in the military parade and a photograph of leader Kim Jong Il standing on the tribune of honor of the military parade celebrating the 60th anniversary of the Korean People’s Army.

Also on display there were paintings on the themes of anti-U.S., anti-war and peace done by Indian artists, materials on the struggle waged by fighters of the KPA and the Korean people during the war and the crimes committed by the U.S. imperialists and photos of the soldiers and people of the DPRK working hard to build a great prosperous powerful socialist nation.

Suneet Chopra, member of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of India (Marxist-Leninist) and concurrently joint secretary of the All-India Agricultural Workers’ Union, in his speech said:

The Korean people have stood in confrontation with the United States styling itself the “only superpower” of the world while waging a revolutionary struggle on the principle of self-reliance under the leadership of Kim Il Sung, a great revolutionary and a peerless patriot.

What is important here is that the Korean people started the U.S. on the downhill. After suffering a defeat in Korea, the U.S. imperialists sustained setbacks in Cuba and Vietnam, too, and are repudiated and denounced in various parts of the world.
Under the Songun revolutionary leadership of Kim Jong Il the Korean people are standing on the forefront of the international anti-U.S., anti-war struggle.

Meanwhile, a film show took place in France on July 25 on the occasion of the month of international solidarity with the Korean people under the sponsorship of the International Association of Democratic Lawyers supporting the June 15 joint declaration.

A Korean film “Koreans Hands in Hands” was screened at the film show.

After watching the film, officials of the association resolved to conduct more positive activities for supporting and encouraging the reunification of Korea in keeping with the favorably improving relations between the north and the south of Korea.

Image credit: https://www.flickr.com/photos/davidstanleytravel/5063141551/

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