Overall Survey on Bio-Resources

Pyongyang, March 7 (KCNA) — Scientists in the Zoology and Botany Institutes under the Branch Academy of Biology and in the Technical Center for Biodiversity and Ecology under the State Academy of Sciences have conducted a comprehensive survey on animals and plants in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea in recent years.

From the common view that the protection of bio-resources is vital to the earth, many countries are exerting governmental efforts to this field.

The DPRK has done study of bio-resources from Juche 35 (1946) in a systematic way. As a result, it has seized in the main the fauna and flora resources of the country.
The current survey is being undertaken in a way differing from the past one.
It is not a simple study of the distribution of animals and plants but a comprehensive and profound research into ecological conditions to turn useful plants into cultivatable ones, influence of natural plants on farm crops, rational reforestation and so on.
Advanced technology is applied to the survey.

Scientists have finished in the main the survey on Mt. Kumgang, Mt. Kuwol and Mt. Myohyang of important areas representing the species of fauna and flora of the country last year.

When the study of Mt. Paektu is completed this year, it will provide more scientific basic data on the nation’s bio-resources so as to be used more effectively for the protection of environment and development of the economy.

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