Promising Women’s Football Team

Pyongyang, March 8 (KCNA) — The women’s football team under the sports group of Kim Chol Ju University of Education in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea distinguishes itself in matches.

The team, formed four years ago, has earned fame as one of the strong women’s football teams in the country.

It made its debut at the national technical innovation tournaments held in Juche 91 (2002).

At the tournaments, the young footballers of the team managed the matches as a whole with their dazzling dribbles, quick movement and strong collectivism, attracting the eyes of the spectators and experts.

After then, the team defeated strong teams at national and international matches.
It was none other than this team which placed first at the women’s football games of the 22nd Universiad held in August 2003.

In an interview with KCNA on the occasion of International Women’s Day, head of the team Pak Chol, said:

The key to the rapid development of the team lies in giving physical education to and training its players on the basis of the high standard of intelligence they have got through the university course. As the result, the footballers gained in a short span of time such good successes that other soccer teams could not expect.
The average age of the players is 18 and the prospect of the team is promised.
The team is engaged in an intensive training for the 24th Universiad to be held next year.

Growing is the expectation of the country’s sports experts and fans to the team.

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