Songs Created in Praise of Women

Pyongyang, March 8 (KCNA) — “Song in praise of women in Songun era” has been recently created and widely sung by people in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.

The song lauds the Korean women who are glorifying the honor of being woman revolutionaries in the Songun era.

A lot of songs have been composed in the country in reflection of the pride and happy life of the women who are playing a great role in all fields of social life.
“Song of coast artillerywomen”, “I am a servicewoman in Songun era”, “Like my mother in her military service days” and other songs reflect noble spirit and revolutionary romance of the servicewomen who are spending girlhood with arms in their hands.

“I am a front-line soldier’s wife “, “I am a military officer’s wife” and other songs depict well the pride of being wives of front-line servicemen and their firm resolution to devote themselves to the defense of the country.

Such songs as “A girl innovator dashing like a steed”, “Girls of our factory” and “Girl silk-weavers of Nyongbyon” reflect the fruitful labor life of the women who are working miracles and feats in the economic construction along with men. “Song of wife”, “My mom who worries herself about her child” and other songs are singing of the warm affection of the women for their families as kind wife, respectable mother.
The songs “Women are flowers” and “Love your wives” are also very popular among the people as they deal with social attention and respect for women, flower of a family and the society.

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