Women Urged to Contribute to Nation’s Prosperity

Pyongyang, March 8 (KCNA) — All the women should dynamically step up the general march of the Songun revolution and create a heroic epic of Korean-style socialism, closely rallied around leader Kim Jong Il, urges Rodong Sinmun Wednesday in an editorial dedicated to the 96th anniversary of International Women’s Day.

Stressing the need for the Korean women to steadfastly hold fast to and successfully carry forward the glorious tradition of defending the leader, the editorial continues:
All the women should ardently follow and uphold Kim Jong Il’s Songun idea and Songun politics and positively apply them to reality, bearing deep in mind that the prosperity of the fatherland, the bright future of Korean-style socialism and the independent dignity and praiseworthy life of the Korean women are all guaranteed by Songun.

The women should fully discharge their share in effecting the great surge of Songun revolution in all the fields of the revolution and construction.

They should do what they should in all fields of the national economy just like the women in the period of the great Chollima surge in the 1950s who made new innovative achievements everyday and be proud creators of fresh miracles and feats.
They should also take the lead in establishing the Songun revolutionary culture in the whole society.

They should manage well factories, work sites, streets, villages and families, organize life with tenacity and fully display the admirable traits of the Korean women possessed of optimistic yet highly emotional sentiments in hard time. They should live as required by the socialist way of living and wage a staunch fight against all shades of corrupt and non-socialist elements.

All the women should fully display the beautiful and noble traits of helping and leading each other forward, thinking others first and sacrificing themselves in today’s gigantic general march. The bright future of the great prosperous powerful socialist nation depends on the future generations. The women should give birth to many children and rear them to be dependable men and women to shoulder upon themselves the great prosperous powerful nation with a noble sense of responsibility for the future of the country.

All the women should work hard to accomplish the historic cause of national reunification, holding Kim Jong Il in high esteem, and constantly intensify militant solidarity with the world progressive women struggling for social progress and women’s emancipation against imperialism and colonialism.

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