Kim Il, True Revolutionary

Pyongyang, March 9 (KCNA) — Kim Il, an anti-Japanese war veteran, is one of the revolutionary forerunners who devoted themselves to the heroic struggle for the sovereignty, independence and socialist construction of Korea.

He was born into a poor peasant family in Orang County, North Hamgyong Province, in March 1910.
Under the guidance of President Kim Il Sung, he took part in the revolution in the early 1930s and made a contribution to winning the historic victory in the anti-Japanese war as a regiment political commissar of the Korean People’s Revolutionary Army.

He worked at responsible positions of the Party and state including vice-chairman of the Central Committee of the Workers’ Party of Korea, first vice-premier of the Cabinet, premier of the Administration Council and first vice-president of the DPRK, thus rendering a distinguished service to the strengthening and development of the Party, the building of the revolutionary armed forces and the socialist economic construction.
He, a veteran of the Korean revolution and a renowned activist of the Party and the state, set a living example as a true revolutionary who upheld the President with sincerity and remained boundlessly faithful to the Party and the revolution through his whole life.

He held in high esteem the President as the sun of the revolution and the savior of the destiny of the nation from the period of the anti-Japanese armed struggle.
Though he was a commanding officer of the guerrilla army, he personally carried the reserve food for the President on his back all the time, saying that even if they all died, the Korean revolution would surely emerge victorious as long as the President was healthy.

In the postwar rehabilitation and construction period, he waged an uncompromised and principled struggle against the factionists to firmly defend the idea and lines put forward by the President. And in his last years, he energetically guided the economic affairs, visiting socialist construction sites across the country with a stick in his hand.
He, together with other anti-Japanese revolutionary veterans, greatly contributed to successfully solving the issue of carrying forward revolutionary cause.
Kim Il passed away on March 9, Juche 73 (1984).

His remains lie at the Mt. Taesong Revolutionary Martyrs Cemetery.

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