Solidarity Struggle for Solution of Education Issue Called for in S. Korea

Pyongyang, March 9 (KCNA) — Fifty three general university student councils, 18 college student councils and the student committee of the Democratic Workers’ Party of south Korea reportedly formed the Nationwide Measure Committee for Education of Students in Seoul on Mar. 4 and called for a solidarity struggle for the settlement of the education issue.

The speakers at the inaugural ceremony said that the students can get rid of pain only when the “government” makes a switchover in its unjust education policy, declaring that the committee would make this year the year of a grand reform of education with the committee playing the pivotal role.

An appeal on the formation of the committee and solidarity struggle for education was read out at the ceremony, which called for the “government’s” fundamental measure to solve the issue of registration fee hike at universities.

It also called on the students to wage a solidarity struggle against the “government’s” measure for raising registration fees and for the withdrawal of the policy of commercializing education and take the lead in realizing new education and building new universities.

At the end of the ceremony the participants staged a protest demanding the “government” solve the registration fee issue at universities.

Meanwhile, the National Professors Union, the National Teachers Union and the National University Trade Union issued a joint statement in support of the formation of the committee.

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