Famous Woman Scientists

Pyongyang, March 10 (KCNA) — Woman scientists at the Pharmacy Institute under the Academy of Medical Science of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea are standing in the van of developing edge-cutting medical science.

Among them is Dr. Ri Hui Suk, 69 years old, succeeded in developing fine Thaksol (Cuspidaxol) with raw materials abundant in the country in a unique way some time ago. The production cost of Thaksol is cheaper than that of vegetable broad-spectrum anticancer agent that has been monopolized by a few countries.
Dr. Kim Myong Sim also successfully made nuamine, amino acid fluid, with protein from industrial by-products as raw materials. It is the first of its kind in the public health sector.

Woman scientists of the institute have rendered their wisdom and energy to survey and development of Koryo medicine resources. They have ascertained the ingredients and medicinal effects of more than 500 kinds of higher plants and bred a source plant of alkaloid.

The successes made in the research for putting the use of Koryo insam (ginseng) on a scientific basis and boosting the analysis of medicines to a higher level are also associated with their indefatigable efforts.

During the “Arduous March” and forced march, they never stopped researches, placing the interests of the country above those of their families. They improved types of drugs and the production method of digoxin and thus made a great contribution to the development of the pharmaceutical industry and the public health work.
In those years many out of female scientists, who make up 40 percent of the researchers in the institute, were awarded academic degrees or titles.

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