Korean Stamps Reflecting Emotional Life of People

Pyongyang, March 11 (KCNA) — Sixty years have passed since two kinds of stamps including “Samson Rock”, the first of its kind in the DPRK, were issued on March 12, Juche 35 (1946) according to the instruction of President Kim Il Sung on publishing stamps reflecting the reality of the new country and the life sentiment of the people after national liberation.

A commemorative stamp carrying the image of the President was published for the first time on the occasion of the first anniversary of national liberation.
It was followed by the publication of stamps showing the greatness and the immortal leadership exploits of the three generals of Mt. Paektu. And it has been made a tradition to issue sheetlets and stamps every year on the occasion of April 15 and February 16, the most auspicious holidays of the nation.

A lot of stamps reflecting the economy, culture, history, folk customs, nature, animals and plants of the country and international events have been brought out.
Among them are those on various themes dealing with successes gained by the Korean people in socialist construction including “Chollima” tractor and “Sungri-58” truck manufactured by the Korean working class.

International joint stamps were also brought out. Typical of them are the Korea-China joint stamp dealing with Mt. Kumgang in Korea and Lushan in China and the Korea-Russia joint stamp with Korean tiger and sable.

Korean stamps earned fame at international stamp fairs and exhibitions held in over ten countries.

The stamp “Folk Holiday” was awarded a top prize at the third contest for selecting best foreign stamps held in China.

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