KCNA Discloses True Colors of Japan’s Distortion of History

Pyongyang, March 14 (KCNA) — Japan has decided to use the “new history textbook” from 2006. Compiled in the textbook is a great part of the Korean history extremely distorted by reptile historians in the past.

As already known, the Japanese imperialists who illegally occupied Korea in the early 20th century unscrupulously distorted the Korean history in an attempt to justify their colonial domination and obliterate the national spirit of the Korean people.
Typical of the distortion are the reactionary doctrines on “four vassal regions under the Han Dynasty” and “Mimana Miyake” claiming that Korea had been subjected to other countries historically.

Wudi, king of the Han Dynasty, that is, ruined Kojoson (ancient Korea) in 108 B.C., built Rakrang region, one of the four tributary regions under the Han Dynasty in the northwestern area of Korea around Pyongyang and “Mimana Miyake”, a ruling machinery of the “Yamato Dynasty” of Japan, governed the area south of the River Han for several hundreds of years.

Such sophism of reptile historians was disputed by the historical circles of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea after Korea’s liberation.
It is not on the Korean peninsula but in the Liaodong area that the “four vassal regions under the Han Dynasty” were built.

According to the “History of the Three Kingdoms–Koguryo, Paekje and Silla”, 30,000 soldiers of Koguryo attacked Hyondo region of the Qin Dynasty in the year of 302 and captured and escorted more than 8,000 men to Pyongyang. The Koguryo army also defeated Rakrang region in Liaodong in 313 and 314 and routed even the Hyondo region to the Liaoxi area in 318 to seize the region.

The “Mimana Miyake”, which was mentioned only in “Nihonshoki” (old records of Japanese history), was not a colonial ruling organ of Japan set up in Kaya area of Korea but a provisional administrative organ of the Yamato State in a Korean lineage small state formed in the Kibi area of west Japan (the area of Okayama Prefecture), before a unified state was formed in Japan.

This time, however, Japan came out again with the doctrines, the falsity of which has long been brought to light, in an attempt to legalize its past aggression of Korea and its wild ambition to stage a comeback to Korea.

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